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World TV's Most Unique Shows

Updated on October 23, 2009
Border Security: A Reality Show in Australia
Border Security: A Reality Show in Australia

Is it Parental Guidance?

 With television shows that are surfacing the screens as reality-based, every country in the world whose production can afford to be unique and at the same time strange to some, then we can partially view it on the cable channels if you are interested.


1)      BORDER SECURITY: It is a big success in Australia. You can really see the flawless works of custom officials being featured in every episode. It also features the works of the immigration and quarantine personnel in major international airports in the continent. In U.S. Airplane never took off in 2004 at the A & E airport.

2)      WETTEN…DAS? As the name of the show indicates, it originated from Germany. It dares the contestant to mimic the behavior of their pets while doing something as in singing. Even artists and singers, like Celine Dion did a lapping performance on the bowl of water while singing “My Heart Will Go On”. Wanna Bet? Is the spin off of the show in U.S.

3)      SUPER DANCER JUNIOR: It’s the spin off of Dancing with the Stars show in India. The difference is that children are showing their movements and struts on the dance floor instead of young adults or artists. Dancing with the Stars is also a spin off from Strictly Ballroom and Dance Fever.

4)      KAAMELLOTT:  It is a French love variety show and crime drama featuring Arthurian legendary characters like, King Arthur, Queen Guinevere with exaggerated dramedy.

5)       INFINITE CHALLENGE:  Muhan Dojeon, the first reality show in South Korea which debuted in 2005. The likes of Maria Sharapova, the tennis sensation and Paris Hilton, an actress and model and hotel heiress guested in the television show. Ordinary people will challenge bit time personalities that will grace the show.

6)      LA NOTIFIERO CON BROZO: It is a political satire show in Mexico, wherein the host Victor Trujillo shakes and bangs his fists ranting the political issues of the day-while wearing a colorful wig and wearing a clown face. Meanwhile the Daily Show and Colbert Report are straightforward with mixtures of comedy and news of the day. But don’t dismiss him, his commentary changed the elections in his country.

7)      HOLE IN THE WALL: This show originated in Japan. Two sets of players  (male and female) are fitting their bodies in the form in a moving wall. If you didn’t fit you will fall into the nearest swimming pool. The spinoff of the show in the Philippines is being shown in Channel 7 and becomes an instant hit to the Filipinos. The U.S. version is shown in Fox which started in September this year.

8)      PRINCE OF POETS: Reciting classic to politically flavored poems are being shown in this television show in United Arab Emirates. However, the crowd’s favorite only landed fifth last year because of his politically-motivated poems. The set of the show is stunning or I may say Las Vegas-inspired.

9)      Il Ballo delle Debuttanti: As the title implies, the show caters for teenage girls ready for being debutantes in Italy. Take note, the grand price will be 100, 000 euros. This reality show features the different facets of being a debutante, the dance, the ball gowns and of course the manners of the prospective debutantes.


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 8 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Yes, bacville. I'm sure, everyone is going gaga over that upcoming show that will showcase Filipino talents.

    • bacville profile image

      bacville 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      PILIPINAS Got Talent is a show to be reckoned with. It is coming soon on Philippine television.