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World of Warcraft - Choosing Your wow Class / Main Character

Updated on January 28, 2011

Class as a result of Personality

What class appeals to you? The answer is a result of your personality. It is surprising how much a player’s personality relates to the class of the character that ultimately becomes their “main”. For some people, they choose what appeals to them first time. Others may end up leveling two or three characters to the level cap before they find one that matches their play style.

My main has been a paladin for three years now, it was the first character I made and I still enjoy it above all other classes. What attracts me to this particular class is the fact that the paladin is self sacrificial. I have always been a strongly loyal person. I walk away from fights where I am the target, but threaten a friend and I’ll go ape shit on the offender. Paladins have multiple abilities for mitigating or healing the damage others take at the expense of their own safety. I feel this is the reason I am subconsciously drawn toward this class above others

                Whether you are choosing your first class or not satisfied with your current lvl capped characters; it may help to think about your personality as well as your style of fighting. When a big boof-head moose-jawed moron picks a fight with you, what do you do?

If you kick them in the shin, turn their testicles to mashed potato with your boot and rub sand in their eyes; you would probably enjoy playing a rogue. If you’re the person who jumps in between the two, slaps the twat in the face and runs behind a tree, you will probably enjoy a tanking class. If you prefer to use others to do your dirty work while you support them, you will probably find healing amusing. If you are obsessed with brute strength, like to pump you “guns” at the gym and watch boxing; it is inevitable that you will prefer the warrior class. Those who feel weak or inferior physically in real life often enjoy caster classes. It’s the only time and place people will run from them in fear or burst into flames when you click your fingers. These are the people that run from the fight but immediately start planning to fill the guys next sandwich with rat poison.

Obviously my examples above are very fleeting semi-serious comments, but have a think about what I am suggesting. I feel that I can match not only my personality to the character that has become my main but also my friend’s characters they consider to be their mains. Please leave a comment as to what your class is and why you enjoy it the most.


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    • Cygnus76 profile image


      9 years ago from ON

      hehe interesting characters match with personalities. i have every class except for rouge and warrior. and i enjoy playing each class that i do have. :)


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