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World Trade Center Movie Review

Updated on June 7, 2012

WTC movie poster

I review the 9-11 movie that is causing a ruckus

September 11th, 2001, Terrorist crash 2 planes into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and the 4th failed and crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. This was the biggest and worst attack on U.S. soil since the attack on Pearl Habor during WW2. Many people were affected directly by the WTC disaster, but some didn't realize the magnitude of what really happened because most of us didn't know anyone there and have never been there. This movie does an excellent job of showing what happened without making it an action movie about terrorism. In fact they make maybe one vague remark about terrorism and the War on Terror that the U.S. and the world are currently in. I support this movie and think it does a great job of portraying a moment that many shared but many don't know about.

World Trade Center tells the story of two people who survive the two falling towers. They are two cops that go in hoping to evacuate people, but by the time they get in there and get ready, the towers start to fall and the two cops along with their team are trapped. Only 3 survive the actual crash and one dies shortly after. In the begining they tell you that it's the true story of two people that survived so me telling you that two of them survive is not spoiling anything. During the time the two men are trapped they talk about their family, their hopes, and help keep eachother a live. During this time the structure on top of them is constantly shifting and moving because it just hasn't all settled yet. They are trapped about 20 feet or so below but both are pinned down underneath rubble. An ex Marine sees what has happened and comes to ground zero to help save people. He comes in during the night acting as an active Marine and he is the one along with a vollenteer medic find the two trapped cops. That is the plot and now I tell you why this movie is a must see and not a move to avoid.

People accuse Oliver Stone of being greedy or not sympathetic about the families of 9-11. They say that him donating money from the opening day of the movie to 9-11 donations as a cheap way to look like a nice guy and so forth. That may be the fact, but the way the movie is made, it really does come off as a movie made for people to understand. I live on the west coast and have no idea really of what it was like because I only know what I have seen on TV. This movie does a great job of portraying the events and showing what it was like without being there. It really opens your eyes to what had happened and what it means for our country. They don't show the planes crashing into the buildings, and they don't really show anything that has to do with anything besides the two cops. They only real footage they use is some small footage of the smoke and rubble as they started to come down. I think it was a good move to not show the planes crashing into the buildings because that's not what the movie is about. It's about the survival of these two cops burried beneath the WTC. It also shows the heart break of the families who have to wait and see what happens. I think people affected directly by 9-11 can really relate to these families and understand how they feel. The movie does a very good job at just showing what is most important to our country, and that is standing as one even though we have different opinions or views on whatever.

People say that this movie was made in bad taste because of the context that it has and that maybe it's just too real. Well yeah it's real, it is the most important event of our generation. But just because it was made into a movie doesn't mean it is in bad taste. People have written books on 9-11 and it's ok, but to make a movie or TV show is supposed to be bad. Well that's a load of crap because not everyone likes to read and some people read and don't understand unless they can get a vivid picture of what really happened. To bash this movie is to bash the families that were directly affected by 9-11. It celebrates hope and unity as a country, something that this country really needs during this time we live in. It really opened my eyes to what has happened and I really do keep up on current events and do care about world events. It's history and we are living it. I just really understand the magnitude of what happened and respect the men and women who risked their lives on 9-11. Only 20 people were pulled out alive from the ground zero. The two cops in this movie were number 18 and 19. If people don't make movies like this then people will forget what has happened. My niece was born in 2004, she will never know what 9-11 was like because she didn't live it. This movie is a great example of what has happened and how it affects her. I'm sure when she is old enough to understand something big will have happened and 9-11 will have echoed again.

Unless you were directly affected by it, then you will never know. I still will never know what it was like but I have a better of idea what have happened.

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