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Wrath of the Titans Movie

Updated on March 30, 2012
Kronos and Perseus on the flying horse. He must descend into Kronos through his mouth.
Kronos and Perseus on the flying horse. He must descend into Kronos through his mouth.
Andromeda, Queen of Greece in Battle
Andromeda, Queen of Greece in Battle
Perseus having a problem with a cyclops
Perseus having a problem with a cyclops
The dreaded Makei warriors
The dreaded Makei warriors
Makei in battle
Makei in battle
The Cyclops (there are several)
The Cyclops (there are several)
Kronos unleashed!
Kronos unleashed!

Like the previous movie, Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans is pure entertainment for about 100 minutes. If you enjoyed the old Hercules type movies of the 60's, 70's, enjoy the Greek mythology of how humans gave their Gods strength through prayers and the how Zeus and his brother Hades, battle each other for control, YOU will like this film. The CGI titans depicted like Kronos, Makei warriors with multiple arms, huge cyclops and such, are simply excellent. The movie in 3D is actually stunning at times. I swear, a few times, I was fooled about getting hit by some debris. The acting is fine, no oscars here, but Harry Potter fans will see the the same villian, Ralph Fiennes, as Hades. Laim Neeson plays a convincing Zeus, Sam Worthington is Perseus, son of Zeus, half human half God who has a son Helius ( I suspect the next Titan film will have him carrying on as an adult).

In this movie, the Gods are losing strength because humanity is caring less about them and because of this, the Gods power that keeps the titans at bay, grows weaker. Hades and Ares make a deal with Kronos, the master titan, to lure Zeus into the underworld, trap him so Kronos can drain all the power of Zeus. This was easy since Hades is Zeus' brother, Ares is Zeus' son, but prefers Perseus. Perseus is now leading a simple fisherman life with his son and is called out of retirement to save Zeus after trapped by Hades. To do so, he is aided by the Greek Queen and her army and Agenor, Poseidon's son, also half human\half God.

The maze of the underworld is truly fun to watch and know it is all CGI, which is totally amazing on the screen. The battle scenes are at a good pace and you know Perseus and the Queen of Greece, Andromeda, are thinking of other things besides titans and battle. She is equally tough in battle. The worse brute is Ares who tosses around Perseus in battle much like Brutus did to Popeye in the cartoons, until...ah, no spinach here to save him, but something always does! Fun stuff. Of the titans, the Makei warriors are really a good addition. These are deformed humans with multiple arms and so swift. They are swinging 4-6 swords like a razor blade. They are rarely stopped. The huge cyclops are one eyed and also rather nasty in a totally bobytrapped forest Perseus and others must traverse. The grand daddy is Kronos, consider him like a walking atomic bomb whenever he steps. His essence is Hell and fire and even is no match for Hades and Zeus. Yet, Perseus on the Pegasus (flying horse) armed his a charged spear must go down inside to the heart of Kronos to kill it.

Great special effects, adequate dialog, decent acting. Greek mythology could not be better. I give it 2.5 stars.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Ok, 2.75 stars!

    • Ophi profile image


      6 years ago from Orange Texas

      I gave it a better rating than you did, although I didn't totally give the movie away for those who haven't seen it yet. Awesome write up tho, thanks :)


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