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10 Awesome Horror Comedies That Will Make You Die Laughing

Updated on May 16, 2017
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Arthur is an avid television and movie fan, with horror being his favored genre. If you can name it, he has probably seen it. Twice.

The genre of horror-comedy is such a small niche that if it isn't done just right it won't appeal to anyone. There are a fair amount of horror comedies that go direct to video every year, that few people other than the most dedicated fans/critics like me will ever see. Every once in a blue moon a horror-comedy will come out that is so good, so unique, and so funny, that even people who hate horror will sit through them at the very least. I have compiled a list of such films so you don't have to go searching for them yourself.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil is one of the best horror comedies of the last decade, arguably one of the best of all time. The movie focuses on a couple of rednecks who are on a weekend vacation to their new cabin in the woods. They have plans to fix up the cabin and enjoy some R & R at the old fishing hole, but things don't exactly go that way.

When a group of college kids have a serendipitous meeting with Tucker and Dale, they are mistakenly creeped out by the harmless hillbillies. Things get even worse in a second encounter when the group mistakenly thinks that the two loveable lunkheads kidnapped one of their own.

From there, the you-know-what hits the fan as the kids bombard Tucker and Dale's cabin each meeting their untimely end through strange and unfortunate circumstances. Even after the mess is finally cleared up the killing doesn't stop and it turns out that there may be more sinister forces at work after all.

This movie is seriously funny with a bit of bloodshed to go along with it. I have been waiting patiently for a sequel, but it doesn't look like there are any plans for it right now. Until then, I'll have to be content with rewatching this one every now and then.

The Visit

When I first watched this movie, I didn't realize that it was from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan which was to my benefit because I wasn't expecting the good old Shyamalan twist. That being said, the "twist" is pretty predictable. Even a predictable premise doesn't stop this from being a decent little movie with just enough laughs to make this a horror-comedy.

The story is about two kids who go for a week-long visit with their grandparents whom they have never met. It turns out that old age has gotten the better of grandma and grandpa and they have picked up some pretty peculiar habits. What starts as something laughable slowly becomes terrifying for the protagonists of the film.

The comedy comes in mainly from the younger brother who is a wannabe hip hop artists with a pension for swearing using the names of pop divas. The Visit is the perfect PG-13 movie with none of the content being so over the top that you couldn't catch it on cable TV. This is not the funniest or scariest film on the list, but as far as story and quality go it is probably the best.


Cooties is one of those movies that is so stupid it's kind of good. Never mind, it's just stupid. But sometimes you need some idiotic blather in your life to forget about the tough stuff, and this movie will make you do that for an hour and thirty minutes.

Imagine every zombie movie you have ever seen, except in this one the virus only affects kids who have not yet reached puberty. Stupid, I know. Though the epidemic is sweeping the nation, this movie revolves around a middle school and the hapless and hopeless teachers who are trapped inside.

Cooties would not be worth its weight in salt if it weren't for the fact that it has some great comedic actors in it including Rainn Wilson, Elijah Wood, Jack McBrayer, and Nasim Pedrad. You will be embarrassed you laughed at this film, but you will laugh none the less.

Piranha 3D

This remake takes the seriousness of the original and throws it out the window. When it's a movie about archaic flesh eating fish that is about all you can do. Pirahna 3D is all about flesh and blood, and more flesh, but it is also pretty funny too.

The movie has plenty of star power behind it with a cameo from Richard Dreyfus and stars like the great Christopher Lloyd, Jerry O'Connell, and Adam Scott before he was famous. The entire movie, including the acting, is campy which is what makes it so great.

As if this film wasn't enough producers doubled down with a sequel that was even more grotesque and raunchy. Of course, nothing beats an original so if you only have time for one stick with Piranha 3D.

Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods is the best horror-comedy there ever was and probably ever will be and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. It unabashedly takes aim at every classic horror movie trope there is in a tongue-in-cheek only outdone by Scream.

This movie is a highly quotable film brought to you by the creative genius that is Joss Whedon. It stars Chris Hemsworth and Jesse Williams along with many veteran character actors. I don't think it did very good at the box office which is a shame because the movie is the definition of a horror-comedy and is more comedy than it is horror.

Cabin in the Woods follows a group of college students who go on a vacation on one of their cousin's cabin in the woods. Thanks to some mysterious outside forces the group unleashes a deadly menace that is picking them off one by one until they decide to fight back. Unfortunately, their quest to save themselves has some undesired effects on the rest of mankind. I can't get enough of this movie and I watch it as often as my kids watch Frozen.

Santa's Slay

If you are in the Christmas spirit, you won't find a better horror-comedy than this one. It is definitely a B-grade movie, but they are self-aware. The most amazing thing about this film is through all of its corniness, bad acting, and terrible execution it's surprisingly not the worst movie I have ever seen.

The movie stars WCW/WWE superstar Bill Goldberg as the demon Santa Clause, and though the main cast is a bunch of nobodies, the opening scene has surprising star power. The beginning of Santa's Slay sees the likes of James Caan, Fran Drescher, Chris Kattan, and Rebecca Gayheart. I have always wondered how much that scene cost.

This silly movie exists in a world where Santa is an evil demon who lost a bet with an angel 1,000 years ago. Because of his loss, he had 1,000 years of servitude delivering toys and becoming the Santa of legend. Now, the 1,000 years is up, and the demon wants revenge for having to be nice for so long. Santa's Slay is equally as bad and as good as it sounds.

Lake Placid

What isn't funny about a 50-foot man-eating alligator in a Maine lake? Ok, so the alligator isn't funny, but the cast is. Though this movie is about a reptile with a thirst for blood, there is an incredibly low body count which makes this one more of a comedy than a horror.

Lake Placid made me fall in love with Oliver Platt as an actor because of how hilarious his character is; you can tell that it is an extension of Platt's personality. Bridget Fonda does an excellent job at playing the straight woman, and Bill Pullman sprinkles his incomparable flavor into the mix. Possibly the funniest character of all in the film is the sheriff played by Brendan Gleason who has an impressive filmography despite the fact that I couldn't name a single other project that he has ever been in. Even if none of this was true, Betty White is in this movie which makes it automatic gold.

Lake Placid is about a New York archeologist who is summoned to Maine for professional and personal reasons. While there, she becomes embroiled with local law enforcement as they hunt for a massive man-eating alligator. The group fights for their lives and learns too much about each other while trying to capture the beast alive.

Serial Mom

Serial Mom is a cult classic film that is equal parts idiotic and genius. I'm not entirely sure if it can even be considered a horror movie, though it has a higher body count than many. This is not one of my favorite movies, but I can respect why so many people like it.

For one, this film is filled with stars of their time and stars of the future. Serial Mom is played by the great Kathleen Turner who stars opposite Sam Waterston. The film also stars Matthew Lillard in his first on-screen role, Ricki Lake, and Justin Whalin who most 90s kids would recognize as he was a prominent character actor at that time.

The movie centers on a June Cleaver seeming housewife who is anything but. When she is not making obscene phone calls, she is dabbling in murdering anyone who even slightly gets on her nerves. The dichotomy between her gentle housewife persona and a secret love for all things death related make for some hilarious situations.

Monster Squad

Monster Squad is a film like no other ever made. It was created in a strange time when a topless woman only garnered a PG rating and the word "nards" was en vogue. A little movie magic combined with some solid storytelling make this a perfect starter horror-comedy for the teenager in your life.

Perhaps one of the elements that make Monster Squad so unique is that it does not star anyone massively famous. Even the young cast did not go on to make their marks in Hollywood. Still, everyone delivered a performance requisite of the type of film this is.

The story is about a group of kids who calls themselves the Monster Squad. They think of themselves and the unrivaled masters of undead knowledge. Unluckily for them, their skills are put to the test when the classic Universal movie monsters descend on their town to do the bidding of the evil Dracula. The movie isn't gory, but it does have some intense scenes, and there is plenty of humor sprinkled in to offset the scary.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

You can't talk about horror-comedy without talking about one of the goofiest horror-comedies of all time. This 1970s film is terrible in every way yet it somehow managed to spawn multiple sequels and even a Saturday morning cartoon. There are even rumblings that there may be an Attack of the Killer Tomatoes remake coming soon.

The original film did not star anyone of note, but one of the sequels starred the one and only George Clooney. I am not sure that anyone would really want their name attached to the Killer Tomatoes franchise, but they did get a little better - or at least more self aware - as time went on.

If the title wasn't self-explanatory enough, the film is about a town being terrorized by mutated killer tomatoes. It is truly as stupid as it sounds, and borderline painful to watch. Still, it is the grandfather of modern horror-comedy and deserves its place in the horror hall of fame.

There are many more great horror comedies out there, but there are only so many you can fit on a list. Not every horror-comedy is as funny as it thinks it is, but there are a few more that bare mentioning. Maybe this list will get a sequel of its own someday, but until then, these ten movies are perfect for tickling your funny bone and satisfying your blood lust.


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