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X Files Season 11 Begins January 3, 2018

Updated on December 31, 2017
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Bonnie Taylor is the author of the Not Forgotten novels, a paranormal fiction series available on Amazon.

My Time With The X

Let me start by saying that I have been an X Files super fan since the pilot episode aired on the Fox Network on September 10, 1993. I had no idea at the time that a simple television show about a pair of FBI agents who attempted to solve unsolved, paranormal cases would become an integral part of my life for the next twenty-five years. Whether it was my X Files theme ring tone or my Mulder and Scully action figures and I Want To Believe poster that hung in my cubicle, no one who has met me could ever deny that I was a die hard phile!

Season 10

The show ran for an astounding nine seasons on Fox, with the final two episodes 201 and 202, entitled "The Truth" airing in May, 2002. It was a bitter sweet end for many fans as David Duchovny, (Agent Fox Mulder) appeared in only a handful of episodes and the show suffered a ratings drop of 30 percent.

Through the years, the show suffered from an often muddy mythology. Fans were uncertain, at times, if extraterrestrials were abducting people or if government scientists were behind the abductions using implanted memories of UFO's to cover their tracks. The saving grace for many were the highly acclaimed and often controversial "Monster of the Week" episodes that didn't directly correlate back to Mulder's search for the truth and his lost sister, Samantha.

Muddy mythology, or not, many fans like me stayed true to the end and hoped that one day, the story would continue. On January 25, 2016, we got our wish in the form of a six episode reboot. Season 10.

We hoped that the cast would step back in to their signature roles with the same chemistry that made Mulder and Scully one of the top ten duo's in television history and I believe they did. Season 10 gave us new monsters and a new twist on the mythology. We met new characters and reunited with those we loved, or loved to hate.

It should have been a fulfilling trip down memory lane that left us with a sense of closure but alas, the writers had other plans. They left us with an enormous cliffhanger as Season 10 ended on February 22, 2016.

Now Season 11

It's taken roughly two years, but there is hope that we'll get off the cliff in just a few short days. Season 11 will run five confirmed episodes through the month of January. What we can tell from the promos and trailers is that Mulder and Scully will go on a quest to find their son. William. We also know that previous characters will return, including FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner, The Smoking Man, FBI Agent Monica Reyes, Cassandra and Jeffrey Spender (ex-wife and son of the smoking man), Langly of the beloved trio known as The Lone Gunmen, and Agents Miller and Einstein who were introduced in Season 10.

The Season is being teased by Fox as "The End" and Gillian Anderson who plays Agent Dana Scully has stated that this will be the last time she reprises the role. If this is truly the end, fans like me are hoping that we will finally find the truth that Fox Mulder has spent a quarter of a century searching for. We want to believe that this reboot wont leave us disappointed.

Want to Have Some X Files Fun?

In anticipation of the upcoming season premier, Facebook has added a few X Files photo masks and frames for fans. You can add an "I Want to Believe" frame to your profile picture, turn yourself in to an alien, and even get abducted by a green ufo. My dogs were abducted early today. (See photo)

Do You Believe in the Existence of Extraterrestrials?

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© 2017 Bonnie Taylor


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