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Ideas for X-Men First Class Sequel

Updated on February 10, 2012
James McAvoy as Charles Xavier and Micheal Fassbender as Erik Lensherr
James McAvoy as Charles Xavier and Micheal Fassbender as Erik Lensherr

A Sinister Tale

It's almost inevitable that there will be a sequel to the very well received prequel X-Men First Class. The producer of every X-Men movie to date, Laura Shuler Donner, has shown an interest in adapting the Days of Future Past storyline into a film, but that would move to far away from what they accomplished in First Class, so count that idea out of the mix for the sequel. Most would be quick to assume that it will show the increased tension between Erik Lensherr and Charles Xavier and their opposing viewpoints on humanity. While it is safe to say that will still be the key plot point in the sequel, James McAvoy has even said in an interview that he doesn't want the sequel to be as simple as a black and white tale of him versus Magneto. If the sequel were to go that route it would take away from what they did in First Class. Matthew Vaughn, the director, even has come forth and said that they will only introducing one more additional character into the next film. That being said they would need to add a villain that Charles and Erik can see eye to eye on as a clear and present danger that far exceeds their own differences. They would need a villain that would be a danger on both fronts, humanity and mutant kind.

The good thing about that is that X-Men from the years that they have been around in comic books is that they just have so many villains. It can be tough to do some villains like Apocalypse (one that many fans hoped to see in the original Singer X-Men film series), Master Mold and the Sentinels (at least you kind of saw them in X-3 when Wolverine and others were in the Danger Room training), the Starjammers, also maybe even revisit the Dark Phoenix storyline and do it right, but jumping from what they accomplished in the first film to any of these villains maybe to big of a jump. You could make a case for the sequel to include Sentinels and make them into a weapon that the government has created out of their fear of mutants. It's plausible, but Sentinels wouldn't work very well as the main villain and might not even work in a movie at all. With all of this in mind it leaves one major villain left. Enter, Dr. Nathaniel Essex a.k.a. Mister Sinister.

Sinister seems even more likely to be the next villain considering that he is a scientist who is obsessed with evolution. While in the comics, he made a pact with the ancient mutant Apocalypse to become essentially immortal and his name Sinister came about because that was the last words his dying wife uttered to him. Furthermore in the comics he cracked the genetic genome code and was willing to share his information with a government official (which could definitely be used as a potential plot point in a sequel considering the last few scenes in First Class) and lastly Sinister worked alongside the Nazi's in World War 2. While for this supposed sequel it doesn't seem plausible that Bryan Singer or Matthew Vaughn would want this new villain to be revisiting World War 2.

Mister Sinister
Mister Sinister

And it comes full circle

Sinister also had an obsession with two of the X-Men. Both characters have been in both X-Men series so far, Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Alex Summers (Havok), it was never really fully revealed in the comics as to why he obsessed of the Summer's brothers but it could be interesting to see it in these films. It would be nice to bring up Cyclops and Havok because of the rivalry that fuels between them, but mostly it's more of Havok being jealous of Cyclops. It would also give them a second chance on Cyclops one of the best characters in the X-Men universe who was portrayed very poorly in the X-Men films (more because they were more of a Wolverine-centric story, understandably so considering Hugh Jackman's portrayal). Furthermore, if Cyclops were to be brought in the fold on these films, it's foreseeable that Jean Grey would follow him. Hell, Professor Xavier in X-Men 1 even tells Wolverine when they first meet that Scott and Jean were two of his first students. Granted, as stated before, Vaughn the director has said that only one more character will be introduced. That can be bent though considering we already are familiar with Scott and Jean so as viewers we wouldn't need to get to know them like we did with the supporting characters in First Class.

Finally, the task comes down to casting the part of Mister Sinister. Sinister came from the United Kingdom and born in London. That being said the English actor Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter series) or other fellow English actor Mark Strong (Sinestro from the recent Green Lantern film). It's possible that Matthew Vaughn who directed Kick-Ass makes a call to Strong, who also starred as the villain in that film, to play the part, but again this is all speculation. As far as casting a younger Cyclops for the First Class sequel, Vaughn can yet again look to his cast from Kick-Ass and call up Aaron Johnson. Even during the early stages of First Class, Johnson was talked about for the role but instead they created Havok. If they were to cast Jean Grey in the film as well...your guess is as good as mine. For the fun of it, Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood), or Amber Heard (Drive Angry, Zombieland). However, if the Sinister character is indeed the villain for the film though, these actors mentioned would certainly do a hell of a job with the role.

Aaron Johnson's connection to Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer could lead him one day to the role of Cyclops
Aaron Johnson's connection to Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer could lead him one day to the role of Cyclops

New Rumors

UPDATED (7/24/2011) There have been some new rumors surrounding the sequel involving the Kennedy assassination and a new Storm being cast. Magneto guides a magical bullet to kill Kennedy and Rutina Wesley (True Blood) is favored for the role of Storm. Wesley definitely looks the part of Storm and fits the personality and attitude of the character.

Going back to the Kennedy assassination, it is also confirmed that Magneto wil furthermore become the Magneto that we remember from the Singer X-Men films but he and Xavier will still see eye to eye on a separate mutant villain.

The screenwriters, Ashley Miller and Zach Stentz, also have expressed interest in introducing Cable. The futuristic hero that is Scott Summers and Jean Grey's son from the future. "Avatar" star Stephen Lang has apparently already shown interest in the role and the creator of the character agrees that he would be the ideal actor for the role if he were to ever appear in an X-Men film. Cable would be an interesting character to bring in, but he is also to big of a character to just subtly bring in. To fans, Cable often goes hand in hand with Apocalypse, so in that right if Sinister is in First Class 2 then Cable might make sense. However it wouldn't, Cable in a film would need to be a central character. The way they could play it off is that Cable comes from the future to warn Xavier and possibly Havok (only if Scott Summers isn't introduced yet) about the arrival of Apocalypse. Seeing how Cable had to come to the present timeline in a portal of such, it is feasible to say that Sinister who is working for Apocalypse, followed Cable into the present timeline. It sounds great in comic book talk, but in film talk, not so much. Bringing time travel into the X-Men film universe in just one film would feel rushed and also out of place considering how the first X-Men First Class felt.

Could Stephen Lang be playing Cable?
Could Stephen Lang be playing Cable?

(10/27/11) - James McAvoy has recently expressed his interest in doing the second film and also explained how every actor in First Class was signed to a multi-picture deal. McAvoy also explained that he and director Matthew Vaughn have spoke about the ideas they have regarding a sequel, if and when it is to be made. The only thing McAvoy was able to say is that now they are supposed to set the way for the Bryan Singer and Brett Ratner X-Men films.

(1/28/11) - The sequel now has a working title under the name X-Men: Brotherhood as it will explore the origins of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Simon Kinberg, co-writer and producer of First Class is confirmed to be back as the writer for the sequel. Fox also has stated that they view First Class as the start of a new trilogy. January Jones has also revealed that she would like her character Emma Frost to show off more than just her good looks. Emma may leave the Brotherhood in favor of the X-Men when Magneto brings in the uglier of mutants such as the Blob and Sabretooth. Live Schreiber and Kevin Durand have expressed interest in reprising their roles from the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film. To no surprise based off my predictions as to where the franchise could be headed, there are rumblings that Apocalypse may appear at the end of the film for a cliffhanger. The cliffhanger would then set up a third film that forces Erik and Charles to team up to take down this great threat while also explaining why they were friends again in the opening of X-Men 3 in the Jean Grey flashback when they visited her.

Taylor Kitsch has also expressed interest in reprising his role as Gambit. His first choice would be to have a solo film focusing on his Thieves Guild storyline but at the same time he would love to see Gambit become a team player in the near future with the X-Men. Kitsch did a terrific job in limited time in the fan favorite role, so it would be nice to see him again in the role. That being said I highly doubt that he would appear in these X-Men stories.

Kitsch as Gambit

Other X-Men Films or Cartoons


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    • Nickalooch profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Columbia, MD

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion lol.

    • profile image

      King Larry 2.0 

      7 years ago

      Actually, i got a better idea. they should do an entire x-men movie where all the girls of the x-men have a giant orgy. Heck, I'd pay top dollar for that crap. lol. Hey, I may be a jerk, but I'm an honest jerk. lol.

    • Nickalooch profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Columbia, MD

      thank you

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 

      7 years ago

      Well done


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