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Yo! MTV Raps - The Complete Set of 150 ProSet MusiCards from 1991 and VIDEO!

Updated on January 7, 2016



Gotta Love This Classic Old School Hip-Hop Nostalgia!

Featuring all your favorite Old School artists like LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Run DMC, Boogie Down Productions, Big Daddy Kane, Heavy D, Slick Rick & Biz Markie as well as legendary hosts of Yo! MTV Raps Doctor Dre & Ed Lover as well as Fab Five Freddy.

More history of the show itself below.....

The First 20 Cards....

The Ed Lover Dance! (Usually performed on Wednesdays)

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Origins of the Show

Yo! MTV Raps ran from 1988-1995 which were arguably the greatest period of time for the genre of Hip-Hop. Despite the genre's origin in the United States, it was first aired on the MTV Europe network in 1987. It was created by Ted Demme and Peter Dougherty. Ted (nephew of film director Jonathan Demme) also directed many shorts for MTV starring then-unknown Denis Leary. He then went on to direct several notable films of his own including BLOW with Johnny Depp, the Christmas classic THE REF as well as BEAUTIFUL GIRLS.

Denis Leary MTV Commercial directed by Ted Demme

#41 - #60

The 1st video to air on Yo! MTV Raps was.....

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Famous Firsts

The pilot episode of Yo! MTV Raps was not hosted by Fab Five Freddy (weekend shows) or the duo of Doctor Dre & Ed Lover (weekdays) but rather by hip-hop's first superstars Run-DMC. Also appearing in the pilot was the incredibly popular duo of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. The first video aired in the pilot was Eric B & Rakim's "Follow the Leader" while the first video aired during a weekday show was Ice-T's "High Rollers". Yo! MTV Raps was also famously shouted out in Ice Cube's classic joint "It Was A Good Day".

Every pack had a contest scratch off for a trip to the NYC show!

Here is an excellent documentary about the show on YouTube!

and in conclusion.....

All good things come to an end ...The Final Freestyle!


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    • DJ Funktual profile image

      DJ Funktual 3 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      You're quite welcome sir, and that was precisely the point of this hub so thank YOU.

    • Warren Curtis profile image

      Warren Curtis Daniels Jr 3 years ago from Buffalo, New York

      That took me back to my childhood, thanks!