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Yamla Pagla Deewana Movie Review – An Out And Out Entertainer

Updated on January 15, 2011

Director – Samir Karnik. Cast – Dharmender, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Kulraj Randhawa(debut), Anupam Kher

Genre – Comdy

Rating – Three and a half stars

A bit of disappointment for all Dharam fans, but Dharmendra is definitely not the best thing about this film. Feeble attempts to entertain fall flat on the face, and unnecessary emphasis on vain attempts to draw up comparisons with Dharmendra’s youth make the first half a real drag. Sure, we all know he was a handsome hunk, but surely there’s no need to rub it in over and over again. Attempts at trying to look and act youthful only end up looking like overacting efforts. In fact, perhaps one of the best part of the movies is immediately after the interval when Sunny and Bobby Deol get to run the show without their Pa.

Dharmendra’s overacting besides, the movie is an out an out entertainer. A movie you can watch with your family with your kids screaming out with laughter. The Deol family is not about to shy away from putting their famous mannerisms on the line, and you are sure to get a smile and a good laugh as well. Take Dharmendra dancing like what has become his trademark jumping dance, or Sunny deciding to unleash his ultimate weapon – his booming shouting voice!

Anupam Kher with his pistol shooting act is at his best and sure adds his class to the second half. Scenes of Punjab and Punjabis obsession with ‘Caneda’ are authentic spoofs on the community that loves to laugh on themselves – the sardars.

Sunny fans get to see their favorite do what they love best – Sunny Deol smashing his way past goons with the power of a hurricane. Booby Deol as the smooth speaking charming cheat does the enchanting act as the love lead and pretty much breathes life into his role.

The last scene is a laugh a second affair bound to ensure you double up laughing. Steering clear of purely cheap stunts, the movie does a pretty good job of mixing up the action with equally smart dialogues.

If you are looking for a story line, you are in the wrong place. The thinly drawn story about an NRI son(Sunny) going to India to look for his missing roadside cheat Dad(Dharmender) and brother(Bobby) moves along at a fair pace. Credit goes to director Samir Karnik for ensuring enthralling action throughout. Lots of confusion in the second half adds to the fun without getting boring.

New face Kulraj Randhawa is sweet and refreshing. She does a fantastic job with her million watt smile and cute dimples. While one would love to see more of her in the first half, Kulraj proves in the second that she’s pretty well endowed in the acting department as well.

All in all a movie worth watching at least once. Three and a half stars.


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