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Yes Concert Review May 1984

Updated on December 1, 2012

The 90125 Tour !

Being a fan of YES music there was great anticipation prior to the release of the 90125 album. In 1980 the band had personnel changes with Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman leaving the band, and had released an album to no acclaim and had some what of a uninspiring tour.

Word came out in 1983 that Jon Anderson had rejoined the band, as well as keyboardist Tony Kaye coming back for his second try with Yes. What was curious was the new guitar player Trevor Rabin, South African born and had never seen Yes live in concert. His good singing and fresh look energized the band.

The third Yes concert I ever went to was on May 4th 1984 at the Hartford,Connecticut Civic Center. Here is the set list;

Leave It,
Yours Is No Disgrace,
Hold On,
I've Seen All Good People,
Kaye Solo,
Solly's Beard,
And You And I,
Make It Easy/Owner Of A Lonely Heart,
It Can Happen,
Long Distance Runaround/Whitefish/Amazing Grace,
City Of Love,
Starship Trooper and

Released on November 14th 1983, 90125 gained immediate radio air play and Owner Of A Lonely Heart went right to number 1 on both The Billboard Hot 100 and Mainstream Rock charts. All of the sudden you heard this song on every FM radio station. From failure to break up in 1980, now I was hearing Yes all over the place, it was interesting how the song became a part of the fabric of music society. Added to that was MTV, who at that point in time actually was showing music videos and played it a few times every day. Yes was mainstream !

My friends and I were wondering, can Trevor plays as good as Steve Howe ? After all Trevor had admitted he'd never seen a Yes concert prior to joining the band. His playing was spot on, with a good singing ability as well. To this day I still remember his guitar riff on It Can Happen - and his playing on that song alone showed his excellent ability. Also Tony Kaye was a great re-edition to the band, his fit with this version of the bank was great and he had this funky way of playing that added a bit of depth and soul. With Jon Anderson's return, the year 1984 was one of the best for Yes. This version of Yes continued to tour together for years thru the 1980's. There was no Close To The Edge played, and no songs off the Wakeman era Going For The One album but all in all -- An outstanding concert !


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