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Yogi Yogi Bear

Updated on December 25, 2010

Hero of Jellystone Park

Yogi Bear got his first break in film in The Huckleberry Hound Show. He soon became more popular than Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear got his own show in 1961. He invited his friend Boo Boo Bear and his girlfriend Cindy Bear to help out with the show and they became very popular.

Despite his success and fame, Yogi didn't depart from his roots. In 1964 Yogi was caught stealing pic-a-nic baskets in Jellystone Park and arrested by Ranger Smith. Unfortunately, this was his 99th strike and he was sentenced to life at San Diego Zoo. Luckily, Yogi escaped by convincing another bear named Cornpone to switch places with him. Yogi then returned to Jellystone park. Unfortunately, Yogi's girlfriend headed south to rescue him. She was later kidnapped by a circus owner. Yogi and his friend Boo Boo were able to find and rescue her. This event in Yogi's life was documented in his movie Hey There, It's Yogi Bear!

In 1973, Yogi and his friends joined a religious cult aboard a flying ark. Some rumors claimed that Yogi started the cult himself. They flew around the planet looking for a paradise that they believed was untouched by any worldly pollution. This chapter of Yogi's life was documented in a television series called Yogi's Gang.

In 1982, Yogi was accused of kidnapping a young girl named Judy Jones during Christmas by posing as Santa. There is some confusion as to the order of events as some of his friends were also in town causing havoc. Compounding the confusion was the fact that Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble were also posing as Santa. All charges were dropped against Yogi after Judy and her father refused to cooperate in the prosecution against him. A documentary of questionable value was produced by Yogi's friends. The documentary is called Yogi Bear's All Star Comedy Christmas Caper.

Tired of show business, Yogi and some of his friends, started working for Top Cat, collecting items that he needed. Yogi thought this would be an easy and relaxing job, but many of his enemies tried to thwart his job. This job was documented in a show produced in 1985 called Yogi's Treasure Hunt.

In 1987, while on a tour in Long Beach, Yogi and his friends broke aboard the Spruce Goose built by Howard Hughes and stole it. They took the Spruce Goose to the North Pole to rescued some animals. Some of his friends reported seeing flying saucers and seeing little green men while aboard the Spruce Goose, others suspected though that they were suffering from oxygen deprivation from flying at such a high elevation. Nevertheless, after rescuing the animals, Yogi returned the plane to it owners. This was all documented in Yogi Bear and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose, a documentary produced later that year.

Getting back into show business, Yogi produced a movie called Yogi and the Invasion of the Space Bears. He also acted in 45 more episodes of The New Yogi Bear Show.

Taking a break from show business, Yogi and Boo Boo entered a series of races called the Fender Bender 500. They drove a truck called the Jellystone Jammer, that was shaped like a pic-a-nic basket. They competed against seven other vehicles.These races were documented in 1991 in an episode of Wake, Rattle, and Roll.

In 1992, Yogi and a couple of his friends worked at Jellystone Mall in the lost and found department. They would recover lost items and solve minor mysteries. This was a rough period during Yogi's life as his girlfriend Cindy was caught flirting with Roxie Bear. However, all rumors that she actually cheated on him are totally undocumented.

In 2010, Yogi got his big break into a major movie production playing himself. The movie, simply called Yogi Bear, documented the attempted destruction of Jellystone Park. The movie included scenes from some of Yogi's early life of crime stealing pic-a-nic baskets. This was Yogi's greatest and most popular movie.

A Cowardy Deed

For a long time there was some confusion as to the final days of Yogi Bear. Yogi was found shot to death in his cabin and Boo Boo bear was arrested. Many people claimed that Boo Boo was being framed for Yogi's murder. Strangely enough, a poster was found at the crime scene suggesting a $5000 reward for the death or capture of Yogi. However, this reward was never posted by any known source. It is suspected that the poster was actually created by one of Yogi Bear's enemies to try to trick Boo Boo bear into shooting Yogi. Due to the length of time that the two of them had been friends, many considered the scenario of Boo Boo shooting Yogi to be totally unreasonable. However, new evidence strongly suggested that Boo Boo had recently been addicted to a new drug, derived from bees, called honey.

For a long time, nobody was sure of the truth. A break in the case though was made in 2012 when the following video was discovered. This video shows the cowardly Boo Boo shooting Yogi in the back of the head.

Bye Bye Yogi Yogi Bear


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  • Pente profile image

    Pente 6 years ago from Planet Earth

    Personally, there is little that is too extreme for me, but this is a family oriented site. If you google the title of this hub, you will find an interesting poem in the listings.

  • profile image

    Anonymous 6 years ago


    You Forgot the adventure in 1999 when fellow Canadian anarchist cartoonist John K. had Yogi & Ranger Smith fight each other to a bloody pulp over the shockingly revelation that Boo-Boo & Cindy suddenly discovered their "feral" instincts,or was that a wee bit too extreme for you? Oh yeah, John K. & a lot of others loathed the Yogi movie & think that CGI-animation killed the franchise for good. "Bill & Joe are turning over in their graves", so says John K.,& half the world agree with him. The moral of this article: never piss off a crazed opinionated Canadian cartoonist with an obsession for Bob Clampett. It's just too dangerous.