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10 Reasons to Start Playing the Guitar

Updated on December 22, 2017
Zachary Adkins profile image

National Guitar Competition winner, with over 15 years of playing and/or teaching experience. I know all the ins and outs of the guitar!

Guitars are Important... Have you ever thought of that?

Guitars have been around for over 4000 years! Holy cow....Did you know that? Of course experts say that it probably originated from the Lute. But nonetheless, they have been around for a LONG TIME! They are one of the most popular instrument thats are available today. In fact, between 2005 and 2013 between 1.6 Million to 2.5 Million guitars have been sold EACH YEAR. Thats pretty insane.

All that is fine and dandy and really awesome information regarding the guitar, however, this article is not about the "History Of the Guitar" This article is about why you should pick one of the instruments up and start shredding! I got 10 reasons (of course there are more, but lets start with 10. Dont want to overload you brain)

Play Guitar...You Know You Want To

Play Guitar Today
Play Guitar Today | Source

I never wanted to sing. I just wanted to play rhythm guitar - hide in the back and just play.

— Kurt Cobain
Focus. | Source

10. Improve your concentration...

University of Zurich stated that the area of the brain associated with "Memory" was stimulated while playing the guitar. If you have ever felt like your ability to remember things has been slipping away over the years, it might be a great idea to pick up the guitar! Playing the guitar can benefit your brain and potentially aid you in your memory loss.

Don't Hurt Yourself....

Multi-Tasking at its finest
Multi-Tasking at its finest | Source

9. Learn to Multi Task...

Have you ever felt as though you couldn't do more than one thing at a time without one (or both) of those things falling apart? The guitar would be an amazing way for you to improve this. Not only do you have to bring hand-eye coordination to the party, but if you start singing as well...get ready for your brain to explode!

Only kidding...

Adding all of this together at a slow pace is exactly what is necessary to build your multi-tasking skills.

You can be a singer, and you can be a guitar player, but putting them together is another animal

— Gavin DeGraw

8. Stress Relief...

Everybody knows that importance of unplugging from the "real world" of responsibilities. I always tell my students that the best thing they can do is tell themselves that they dont "HAVE" to play guitar...but rather that they "GET" to play the guitar.

Sitting down for 15 - 45 minutes everyday can really help you temporarily get away from any worries and stresses that build up in your life. There is something very theraputic about being able to crank up the guitar and amp to 11 and not worrying about anything for awhile. Do yourself a favor and break the sound barrier!

  • Music's form and structure can bring order and security to disabled and distressed children
  • Music Therapy reduces emotional distress and boosted the quality of life among adult cancer patients

My life has been a roller coster ride, but somehow I've always been able to land on my feet and still play the guitar.

— Ace Frehley

Stree Relief

Has Music helped relieve stress in your life?

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7. Relive past memories...

Have you ever been driving around in your car by yourself, and all the sudden there is a song that comes on the radio and it feels like a sucker punch of emotion that overwhelms you and brings a flood of memories from your past? Here is an extremely deep connection to music that all of us have, whether you are a musician or not.

What if you were able to go home and pick up the Guitar and learn that song, so you could play it anywhere anytime? This song could have been from a past relationship, a family member or friend who past away,

6. Build Confidence...

There is nothing more empowering (in my opinion) than standing onstage in front of thousands of people and having them all there for you. They want to see you perform, show off your skills and support you. When the night goes off without a hitch, you feel as though nothing can tear you down. Good luck falling asleep after something amazing like that happens to you!

To stand up on a stage alone with an acoustic guitar requires bravery bordering on heroism. Bordering on insanity

— Richard Thompson

Best Friends Forever

Zakk Wylde and Dimebag Darrell
Zakk Wylde and Dimebag Darrell | Source

5. Make New Friends...

When you get into music, whether it is rock, pop, punk, rap, R&B or will be introduced to a whole new world of people in the very same Genres. Playing guitar can help you gain some new friends that support the same passion as you.

Don't get stuck with the same people you knew from high school, branch out and experience other people and if they are into guitar as well, you can easily confide in someone that understands your triumphs and struggles with the instrument...they may even push you to get better too!

The Bad Boy himself...

johnny cash
johnny cash | Source

4. Rebelling against your parents

**DISCLAIMER** I don't condone you getting disowned by your parents....just a little aggravation maybe... haha

I was very fortunate to have parents that were very heavily into music, my father is a Guitar Instructor and Player as well! However, I know that there are some people that maybe arent quite as lucky. Some parents dont see the benefits of the guitar, and maybe it was their upbringing or whatever...but there is a reason you want to pick up the guitar, and maybe that reason is simply just to piss you parents off and show them that you are your own unique person with passions not in line with theirs.

There is nothing wrong with this either, rebellion is a natural human feature. Embrace it..and prove every single person who doubted you WRONG!
On the other side...hopefully your parents are cool and support you on the journey!

Money, Money, and MORE Money

Make Money Playing Guitar?
Make Money Playing Guitar? | Source

3. Make side Cash...

Money seems to always be in short supply when it comes to grinding musicians (not including the millionaire pop stars here, BTW)

You might be surprised to know however, that if you play your cards right, you can make a little extra side income, or even better yet...a full time career from it. If you get to the point where you can play on stage or on the streets, you may be able to collect some TIPS in cash. Even more over might get to the point where you are good enough to teach this skill to others.

If you charge aggressively and stay consistent and could potentially pick up enough students to not have to work a "real" job

Relationship Status = Badass Guitar Player

Guitar Playing Badass
Guitar Playing Badass | Source

2. You look Badass

Lets just say it like it is...Guitar Players are sexy. #SORRYNOTSORRY. There is something about having a guitar in your hand or strapped around your neck that makes you irresistible to people. I mean...look at Paul Stanley...not a very attractive man, but that guitar really helps push him to another level

1. Be an Inspiration to Others...

Sometimes it is a blessing to be able to help others. When you get better and better at the guitar, you will notice that people will come to you for advice. Sometimes these people might be younger than you and just starting out, but more times than not you will be helping people who are in a funk with the instrument.

They might have been trying for years to get to the level you are at. Helping people reach their goals and feel inspired to better themselves is an amazing feeling.

If I would have known how many people I was going to inspire, I would have played better.

— Unknown

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© 2017 Zachary Adkins


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