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YouTube Video Favs .... Shock, Laughter, and Tears

Updated on March 19, 2011

Shock...Laughter...Tears...It's All Here

This is a hub of some Favorites on youtube. Some are startling, some are funny...some will make you cry...Either way they are really good ones. The videos here are some of the most amazing, sad, and happy videos on the web. Please feel free to voice your comments.

The 911 Loose Change viseo is a must see. There are some really amazing kids videos with Connie Talbot, (truly amazing, and Bianca Ryan, (also truly amazing). With some very comical videos, along with ghost and ufo videos at the bottom.

We found these the most shocking, funny, sad, happy, amazing and worthy of viewing. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

911 Loose Change

Evolution Of Dance...Hysterical

Get Ready To Cry Over This One...Absolutely Amazing

What The Kids Love...

Panda Video...Very Cute


Jet Hits Building Simulation


South Of France UFO...Must See

The Stars Speak To Us...

Top Secret UFO Tapes

Ummmmm...What Could This Be?

Haunted? You Decide...

Haunting Continued...You Be The Judge...

Ghost Girl...You Be The Judge

Satan Face Seen in WTC Collapse on 911

911 Tower Fragments


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    • BrainFire profile image

      MotherGoddessEarth 9 years ago from The Island

      Please watch the 911 Video (at the top) ... what really happened?

    • BrainFire profile image

      MotherGoddessEarth 9 years ago from The Island

      This Hub is Guaranteed To Make You: Gasp...Laugh...and possibly Cry too.

      Comments Welcome! :)