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Youngji and Ha Hyun Woo are the latest Hallyu stars to reveal they are dating in 2018!

Updated on March 1, 2018
Youngji was the last member of Kara before they officially disbanded after the other three members chose not to renew their contracts with DSP Media.
Youngji was the last member of Kara before they officially disbanded after the other three members chose not to renew their contracts with DSP Media. | Source

We are only two months into 2018 and Hallyu fans are already being bombarded with a numer of Hallyu stars officially dating such as former T-ara member Ahreum with Lee Seung Jae and Hyunseung with Shin Soo Ji. Now we have a brand new couple to reveal to you all: Youngji and Ha Hyun Woo.

According to AllKpop, Heo Young Ji, better known by her idol name Youngji when she was in Kara, was the one who admitted to being in a relationship with Ha Hyun Woo of Guckkasten. Her label, DSP Media, came forward with a statement on the recently revealed relationship.

"Youngji and Ha Hyun Woo met six months ago, and started dating a month ago. They're still getting to know each other."

The meeting DSP Media was talking about was through the Total Variety Network (tvN) reality show, Shadow Singer. Ha Hyun Woo is one of the regular judges on the show. As for Youngji, she was a guest judge on the show's 18th episode.

The Hallyu community, especially K-pop fans, respond!

Many fans in the Hallyu community, especially those who have a preference to K-pop, have shown their support for Youngji and Ha Hyun Woo dating. However, there are some naysayers too.

For starters, some are arguing about the huge age difference between the two being more than ten years. Youngji is currently 25-years-old while Ha Hyun Woo is currently 38-years-old. To put it bluntly, age is nothing but a number when it comes to Korean celebrity couples. For example, one of the most popular Korean actors of all time, Lee Beom Soo, is currently 48-years-old. His wife, Lee Yoon Jin, is 33-years-old. That is 15 years in difference.

The other group of fans who are throwing some shade towards Youngji and Ha Hyun Woo dating are Roommates fans who ship Youngji and Jackson of Got7 together. During the second season of the K-variety show, both Youngji and Jackson were roommates in the same house along with other Hallyu stars (including Sunny of Girls' Generation, Nana of Orange Caramel, etc.). The interactions Youngji and Jackson had were so cute, many fans started to ship them as being a couple.

Take note that Roommates conluded back in April 14, 2015 which is almost three years ago. That shows just how how dedicated fans can be to the relationships they ship. Still, it was three years ago. It is safe to say that both Youngji and Jackson have moved on from that time. Also, it is often believed that K-pop idols often play "parts" even in K-variety shows just for their fans. This is a viable possibility for Youngji and Jackson in Roommates too to help establish "love lines" for the show.

Despite what the naysayers say, many fans myself included are congratulating Youngji and Ha Hyun Woo on their new relationship with many blessings on their future endeavors.


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