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Your secret is safe with me

Updated on September 13, 2012

Who knows...

Everyone has something that they don’t always want to admit or cop to-we all have our deep dark secrets, some are legal, some not…some are just ‘freaky,’ some from the past, some we have done-some of it we still do. Some secrets are big, some secrets are small, some are more twisted and bent-some secrets we know, others may know, that they wish they didn’t know, wish we didn’t know…some true, some not so true. The point is not what that/those secrets are; it is that we all have them. Even someone like me, whom for the most part, contends I do not have secrets. I try to show some discression in every confession, believe it or not, I edit myself.

Some things I share, most would not share, in fact, many are shocked by my candor. I often misspeak, unaware I misspoke, saying something I shouldn’t have said, and only when I see the look of horror, or hear someone gasp, or roll his or her eyes do I become aware of the foot in my mouth. My friends always laugh, they are rarely surprised by the things I say and do-after 30 years of friendship, it’s something they’ve become accustomed to, although, even they are not immune to how embarrassingly bold I am. Still, there are things even the most honest and upright, may never own up, admit, or cop to. Perhaps that may be why others find comfort of sorts, in judging what others do-whatever takes the focus off you.

My grandmother used to say that for every finger we pointed, ten more were pointed back at us. I took that to mean, if I was pointing out other people’s flaws and shortcomings, what he or she was doing wrong, or judging him or her for whatever reason, I might want to take a look at my own life and what was wrong with it and or me, that I find or found it necessary to point out someone else’s flaws and shortcomings. After all, I know I am not perfect and I’m no angel, and there are many things I have said and done I am not proud of, things I have done and do that many do not like, agree with, condone, or understand.

Some secrets I have of my own, some secrets I keep for others, some people know more about me than they need to and or want to. Some secrets I know about others, some I wished I didn’t know or knew-the point is we all have things we may never acknowledge, admit, or cop to. I guess the point is, don’t point, and if you are going to point or find yourself pointing, ask yourself how many fingers are pointing at you, may be pointed at you. As for me, I will try very hard to keep my fingers to myself-as to whether or not I will do the same concerning my opinions, I can’t make any promises. Only that’s no secret to those that know and love me. I wonder if there is a secret to having secrets, keeping secrets, for some seem born to it, accustomed to it…some are inclined or predesigned to do it.

I am very good at keeping other people’s secrets, I just wish I could master the art as it pertains or pertained to my secrets and me. Perhaps I am secretly a narcissist and feel the need to point the finger at myself for purely selfish reasons; perhaps I enjoy and crave the attention of others so much I feel the need to point out my own flaws. I always say, better I point my own flaws than have them pointed out-hard to poke fun, mock, bully, ridicule, and or insult, someone, when they do it or are better at it than you.

Perhaps the secret is to maintain a sense of humor about you and about what it is that others feel the need to point out. After all, it is no secret that there are many out there that take pleasure in pointing out and exploiting other people’s secrets-some have even made it their life’s work. That’s the problem with having secrets…they rarely, if ever, remain a secret, there’s always someone out there, pointing a finger at you, ready to point a finger at you.


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    • raquelpier profile image

      Raquel L Pierson 5 years ago from Lancaster Ca

      Thanks FalconSays! Good to know I am not but then that might be the narcissist in me again-either way, thanks for the read and the comment! :)

    • FalconSays profile image

      Karen S Falcon 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I'm a bit of a narcissisttt too. I think we all have that to an extent. We all really just want to be heard and noticed, I guess. Enjoyed reading this.