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Youtube tips on getting decent amount of view

Updated on September 17, 2014

Every aspiring youtuber wants their videos get viral. They say its only luck but for me you need to add a little bit of hardwork. We all know that more traffic more money, that principle applies also on youtube. On this part I'll teach you how to optimize and improved your videos get searched on page 1 google search engine.

There are lot of ways to improved your video on google search engine. I'm going to put here the proper way to do it.

Title and Descriptions

Every video you upload should have a good title and descriptions. If you have filmed a video walkthrough. YOu should have a title based on the subject. for example, You have Plants vs. Zombies. You have a couple of levels guide for this game. So, the better title for this is Plants vs. Zombies Level X Walkthrough Guide. Just replace the X of the number of levels you have. Based on my experience It would be better if you will put first the title of the game before the purpose of it. Like Plants vs. Zombies (Title) Walkthrough Guide (Purpose).

For the descriptions, I highly recommend to optimze it by adding some details about the video. You can just add a brief description like who is the developer of the game, its released date and where can you get it like download links. You can also add a small summary of the story. If you have twitter, facebook, website or other social media accounts. Its better if you put links there as well as what they called call to action, ask them to comments, like and subscribe to your channel for more.

When you upload videos on youtube did you optimize it like adding description, tags and annotations

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This is my own personal tags on one of my video. I didn't use suggested tags because I personally add my own tags
This is my own personal tags on one of my video. I didn't use suggested tags because I personally add my own tags


Youtube is made for us to upload videos and when you search for something you need words to do it. This tags will help your videos searchable on google. Its very important to add tags on every videos, Some youtubers ignoring this feature but in reality and even if you experiment. The tags you add really rank or add on recommendations not only on google search box but also on youtube search box. Let's use the sample Plants vs Zombies Level 1 Walkthrough Guide. On this case, best tag would be Plants vs Zombies, PvZ Walkthrough Guide, Plants vs Zombies Guide. As you noticed on first part of tag I put the actual title of the game then the purpose of it. Dont put tags like this way Level 1 Guide Plants vs Zombies. It should be Plants vs Zombies Walkthrough Guide. Its like the title. Aside adding the title of the game as tags. You can also add the device where you can play it. Iphone, Android, Xbox360, PC and Playstation are some of my recommended tags. Another tags would be lets play, walkthrough guide, gameplay, solution guide. You can add 150 characters on tags per video. Use tags well to help you rank your content on search results and don't put false tagging on the video. If your content is about video games do not use tags like news, celebrities, cats and other tags that surely getting high results on search engine because you just violating Youtube Community Guidelines Policy.


One of the helpful tools on youtube that lets your audience knows that you have more videos than they watched. If someone has accidentally watched your video and suddenly they liked it and they want to watch the other part of it like sequel. Annotation will be very helpful on this situation. Before every video you can add links that will show to your audience that you have a sequel on it. Annotations can be setup as link to the video sequel or it can also use as to know more info on the video that they're playing. You can add message on annotations.

This is a sample of annotation on a youtube video
This is a sample of annotation on a youtube video | Source
Sample of my thumbnail setup, I can set only one thumbnail on the right side.
Sample of my thumbnail setup, I can set only one thumbnail on the right side.


I include Thumbnails because for me its one of the very important tools on Youtube that most often overlooked. Why is it important? Here's the answer, I have a video walkthrough for cut the rope. If you're an ios device owner and gamer you know that there's a different part or sequel and levels of Cut The Rope game. If I searched it on the net. And I see a bunch of Cut the rope Walkthrough, How can I know which one is which. That's when thumbnails importance comes. When you upload a video make sure that you have also uploaded the proper thumbnails for the video. It will make people know that this is the video they are looking for. Another thing about thumbnails. This is sometimes used to deceit people to watch the video even it is not the content they would like to view. Don't use the thumbnails to fool people its also against Youtube Community Guidelines.

Embedding Videos on websites

We need to admit it that some websites out there are more searchable than your video. There are some wiki or forum sites which needs content. If you are able to register with them and contribute your video to help others. Do it, its a win-win situation for you and the site owner because not only them can get views but also your video too.


Likes and Share

For me, its one of the important factor of a youtube video gets viral. If somebody shares or likes the video there's a big possibility that it will noticed and watch by others. Let's try to sample facebook, when its been shared there, one of your friends will see the video on his or her news feed. If that friend is just browsing it. They could watch the video for a couple of seconds then if they become interested in the content, they'll watch the whole video and they could possibly subscribe on your channel.

These tips really works but you need to be patient because its not overnight your'e gonna be a successful youtuber. Also remember not to buy views, There are lot of websites there offers services to increase your views in no time, but trust me its not unique or authentic views and you're just violating Youtube rules and compromising your account standing. If you have anything to add and reactions on my article. Please feel free to add comments below.

I know some of the readers want some proof that I'm a Youtuber so below, I'll include the link of one of my Youtube Channel below. Check it out and I'm really happy if you will support it.


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    • profile image

      Dayvandi SEO 

      3 years ago

      Cool tips! Embedding videos on websites is probably the best way to create some sort of a viral marketing strategy.


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