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Youtube (uTube) Funny Videos : Baby

Updated on January 9, 2012

Time for fun. I researched Youtube videos and other sites to collect some funny videos that you may enjoy. I found that baby videos are very popular and very interesting as well.

While collecting these videos I did not rely primarily on popularity- it is a measure of taste or trends of people - but I stopped by those I feel they are real fun, or they teach something new. I did not limit the number to be top 10 or top 20 to feel free to collect the best.

Although people tastes are different, yet I am sure you will enjoy many of the collected videos.

Intellegent 12 Months Baby Reading

The 1 year old baby is cute and intelligent, she can not speak but she reads the written words and perform with actions. To tell you the truth I admire her dad for his creativity and patience to teach a baby of such age.

Computer Made Babies

This is the story of how these incredible movements of babies in the famous ad seen by over 28.5 million people were made. It is a really interesting video.

The Cleaner Baby

Have you ever seen a baby walking or crawling this funny way?

The Narcissus Baby

The Greek legend tells us that the first time Narcissus saw his face was on the surface of pool of water, this baby sees his picture in a mirror and obviously he loved it. Now many babies look at themselves in the internet.

The Social Networking Baby

This baby is happy seeing his photo on a social networking website.

The Feeling Hot Baby

This baby wants his body covered with water all the time, seemingly he feels his body is hot!

Baby is Ridiculed By his Funny Friend

Every time the baby cries the dog imitates him until he preferred to keep silent. Isn't it a good way to escape baby crying?

The Actor Baby

This baby acts the evil face role. It is very funny.

The Dancer Baby

At this age he is really gifted!

The Laughter Baby

This baby has an adult tone when he laughs.

Baby Shakira

She almost can stand up yet she is wonderful at shaking her body. A new Shakira?

Times of Baby Love

This baby only like his mommy at certain times.

The Very Famous Baby Charlie

If you are not one of about 234 million people viewed Charlie and Harry video, you can see it now. Both babies are cute, funny and intelligent.

Baby Learns to Speak

This baby does not say any word that can understood except oneĀ  word.

The Biased Baby Thought

A baby explains his reaction to an activity he makes all the time, when made by another person.

Funny Baby Business

Before babies can move, they are fed and left lying down all the time. The only job they do on their own is to excrete.

The funniest thing is the reaction of adults to baby's act of excretion. We wonder them doing it all the time, in the public, and sometimes with nasty voice or smell. We ridicule their serious face expressions during it, and the comfortable victorious expressions like anyone who is doing well at his job, after finishing it. It's their only job during this time of their lives, and they can't give it up. In all cases it is so funny.

Funny Baby Contest

Someone had made a compilation of 10 videos to rank the funniest videos of baby farting. He had chosen the Trumpet baby in the 10th position, then the Duck baby, the Car baby, the Farting baby, the Train baby, the Driver baby, the subtle savvy baby, the baby of poor endurance, the Proud baby, and the Chemist baby on the top of them.

The New Version of The Chemist Baby

Even if it is fake, it is still very funny.

The Funny Embarrassed Baby

The annotations inside the video makes viewing it a real fun. The baby is upset at the end of the video as he resents the over-reaction of family and friends to his quick little act, yet he still does not evaluate well the impact of his great chemical capabilities.


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