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Delicious Anime Food You've Always Wanted to Try

Updated on July 10, 2013


Inside Sword Art Online, Asuna was famous not only for her sword and combat skills but also her cooking skills. Yes, Asuna's famed dishes are very popular - with Kirito. In fact, when Kirito caught the special Ragout Rabbit, he was supposed to sell it for huge sums of money but changed his mind when he remembered that Asuna may be the only person worthy of making a decent meal out of his catch. Asuna has even maxed her cooking skill in SAO and is capable of making all kinds of original dishes, sandwiches and sauces which are not available in the SAO market. In one episode, Kirito fell to his knees after he accidentally dropped the sandwich made by Asuna. For Kirito, the greatest SAO player of them all, to fall to his knees, that sandwich must have been damn tasty.

Kirito fell to his knees


Luffy always exclaims that Sanji's dishes are the best in the world especially after a recently concluded adventure and he gets to eat food served by Sanji once again. Even with limited ingredients and tools, the Straw Hat Pirates can always count on Sanji to cook the best and healthiest meals for the crew. But even the (male) members of the Straw Hat pirates have yet to taste the most delicious and exquisite dishes prepared by Sanji, exclusively for the girls! :)

Sanji performs unequal transmutation. Tell Edward he's got the stone.


Soul Evans is Maka Albarn's scythe and together they must collect 99 souls of evil humans and a witch's for the hundredth soul in order for Soul to be an ultimate death scythe used by the head death god or shinigami. I said they must collect, but in all actuality, Soul Evans must eat those 100 souls in order to become the shinigami's weapon. Soul seems to enjoy eating the fruits of their soul-hunting labors even to the point of drooling, and thinking of how mean persons' souls must taste like has bothered me since. Sorry for being creepy! :D


The Furukuwa family's main source of income is their bakery, ran by the head of the family, Akio. As a loving wife, Sanae makes sure that she is of help to her husband by baking some breads too. Probably driven by her desire to help, she bakes only the most srange and unique of breads and are everything - but edible. Sanae's breads are characterized by a strange, strange, extraterrestrial glow and as a result, never gets sold.


Oh, the source of Son Goku's eternal strength and youth! These mystical beans with immense rejuvenating properties have always been one of the sources of my amusement towards the Dragon Ball series. Because the Senzu beans are able to restore the user's health and energy to the fullest, seeing Goku eat the beans and hear how crunchy those beans are makes my mouth water in anticipation to the day I might get hold of it and taste it. WHAT DOES IT TASTE LIKE GOKUDAMMIT!


In the One Piece Universe the Akuma no Mi, also known as the devil fruit (sometimes the cursed fruit), gives the eater strange powers and abilities. In exchange for the new ability gained by the devil fruit user, he or she will be unable to swim and when thrown into the sea, will fall like a dead weight to the depths of the waters. A devil fruit's strange colors and patterns seems like a warning that it ain't your typical healthy fruit, but Luffy and tons of other people still ate it. I think there were times when it was hinted that the fruit tasted awful but I'll bet all my fingers they were bluffing, you know everybody still wants to eat one! They can't fool me, I want to eat some too!!!

Luffy after eating Gomu Gomu no Mi/Gum Gum Fruit


Echizen's favorite canned drink is Ponta! I even thought the drink exists in the real world, you know, I thought it was a sponsor of the show. Ponta appears to be a grape-flavored drink but whenever I see Ryoma drink it, I know it tastes way better than your average grape-flavored drink. I imagine it to taste somewhere between a fresh grape juice and wine, but carbonated. If anyone of you knows if they are actually selling Ponta in Japan, please please tell me. You know, Prince of Tennis was really popular and all, I wouldn't be surprised at all if they're in the market but I must really get hold of it! ;D


Dorayaki is a real Japanese food also known as red bean pancakes. In the anime series, Doraemon is so obsessed with Dorayaki that it is almost part of his everyday diet. Nobita always uses Dorayaki in order to trick Doraemon. According to, Doraemon has earned a title in the Guinness Book for eating the largest Dorayaki in the shortest amount of time. Because I watch Doraemon everyday as a child, and Doraemon eats Dorayaki almost everyday, you can't blame me if all I ever wanted as achild was to eat that dorayaki too, and I'm all grown up now and I haven't even tasted that red bean pancakes yet it makes me want to cry! T.T


And... the top anime food (or drink) I've always wanted to try (well not necessarily I've always wanted to try but probably I've always wanted to find out if it will kill me) is... SADAHARU INUI'S PENAL TEA. Inui's Penal Tea awaits Seigaku members whose performance was poorest during a day of training as punishment. However, Inui insists that his penal tea is very nutritious and that Seigaku members should even thank and not resent him for asking them to drink penal tea in good faith. Seigaku regulars treat penal tea as poison and not even Seigaku Captain Kunimitsu Tezuka nor the prodigy Shusuke Fuji were able to withstand its effects. In one episode, the entire Seigaku tennis team was completely annihilated after being forced to drink penal tea for not being able to keep up with the training menu Inui prepared for that day. Over time, Inui has developed different flavors and variants of penal tea. Would you like to taste all flavors? :D

Agree or Disagree?

Now which among the above-mentioned stuff has the to-die-for taste? (Literally or figuratively)

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    • profile image

      Asdf 2 years ago

      Actually "Ponta" is for "Fanta" soda...

    • Ayu Bi profile image

      Ayu 4 years ago from Sorajima

      Thank you :)

      Btw, I saw that you wrote a hub about Attack on Titan! I haven't seen the series yet but I'm definitely watching it probably before the week ends. Ill read your hub by then! Im so excited to watch it and share my opinions with others! I heard it was really good.

    • Chris Qu profile image

      Chris Qu 4 years ago

      This was such a brilliant idea. Thumbs up!

      My answer is the senzu bean. As a kid, I remember me and my friend pretending that we were DragonBall characters. We ate lima beans pretending they were senzu beans. I hope the real thing tastes better. X(