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Zane Holtz : The Future Shining Star of Hollywood

Updated on December 21, 2016

He is an extremely talented Actor

If you want evidence on just how talented he is then I strongly recommend you check out the television show From Dusk Till Dawn which airs on the El Ray Network. The character he plays is named Richie Gecko. In the movie From Dusk Till Dawn we never got a true understanding of Richie's character. However, in the television show Zane takes it to a whole new level. We were able to get a true understanding of Richie and sympathize with him. Zane introduced to us a version of Richie Gecko I didn't think was possible. He gives a new meaning to rooting for the bad guy. I can honestly say without Zane Holtz, Dusk Till Dawn wouldn't be what it is today. It is perhaps the best show on television.

He's Chooses Roles That Suit Him

One thing you can be sure of is that Zane Holtz is not a sell out. You won't see him in every single movie because he picks his roles carefully. This is a great thing because he has such raw talent and that talent can be developed over time to mold into wonderful creations. Zane's acting career has been fairly extensive but in these past two years it's definitely starting to pick up. It's almost as if he's finally found his niche or people are finally starting to really notice him. He's been an angel behind the scenes waiting for his moment. Well it's pretty obvious that his moment is now. We can catch him in the movie Hunter Killer with some of the greatest actor's of all time, one of them being Gary Oldman. I for one cannot wait to see this movie. I can guarantee Zane's role as Martinelli will be the best character in the movie.

He's more than a pretty face

Nowadays in Hollywood, it's almost like anyone can be famous with no talent just because their beautiful. We got lucky with Zane Holtz. Not only is he one of the most beautiful people that probably ever lived but he's got brains to boot! If you watch the interviews he give you can just see a vast amount of knowledge swirling around in that beautiful brain! It's almost like he's an old soul. If there's one thing I admire the most about Zane it's his extensive movie knowledge. In the years to come who knows what this extraordinary man will create!

He's a family man

It's no secret that Zane Holtz is a family man. He's got a beautiful wife and beautiful children. It's really admiring to see a working Actor with a family. You never read anything bad about Zane. It's almost as if he goes to work and comes home to his family and I admire that. It's hard to find a person like that nowadays, especially a famous person who can remain true to themselves and their family.

Zane's Year is 2017

In the past two years Zane's career has really been picking up. I can almost guarantee that 2017 is going to be his year. Keep your eyes pealed on this one friends because great things are in store for him. I already think he's the new Brad Pitt. I would almost bet money that in a few short years we could see Zane's name on Hollyood's Walk of Fame!


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