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Zombie Apocalypse Champ

Updated on January 19, 2016

Oh No, They're at the Doors and Windows!

If this happens, there will be mayhem, chaos, and danger at every turn. The first thing I would think to prepare is the home. Even if it's a rental. Maybe the undead will stop at your landlord's place first and he won't be knocking at the door at least not to collect the rent anyway.

The supplies you'd need are plywood for the windows, a bag of screws, some Gorilla duck tape, a shotgun, and like a trunk load of shells. Can't have enough shells. Have you ever noticed in the movies the endead always get through the nailed on boards? Quite a predicable result isn't it? Use screws to plywood over the windows and you'll need a Sawzall to get in that way. The shotgun and shells are for the ineviable break in through the doors. They always do. Whether it's The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead, or the comical Shawn of the Dead. Shotgun to the head seems to be the best walker-killer around.

Of course there are other supplies you'd need as well. I think clean water, food, medical supplies. At the bare minimum, I'd have a first aid kit. If you can get morphine, antibiotics, smelling salts, that would help too. Somebody always passes out at the first site of zombie brains splattered all over the wall, and you need every able bodied non-zombie you can get to fight them off. They always run out of food too. And what do they do for toilet paper? An old sock? Might want a few rolls of that in the storage bin.

I think I'd want other weapons also. Eventually the shotgun shells will run out. I have a 14 inch quarter inch thick steel dagger. It's hand made, but when I throw it, it goes right though a three quarter inch plywood. You need something durable. If it breaks in the undead's head, you'll be running instead of standing your ground and defending your supply cache.

As for numbers of people to have in your tribe, I'd say a smaller group is better. A smaller group would have a lesser chance of having a gold-bricker in there. Someone who hoards food and other supplies. A smaller group can move easier if there's a disaster, and avoid detection from other groups or herds of undead. Finding a vehicle that all of you can fit in is easier as well. You won't need gas guzzling buses, just a van, SUV, or truck to pile in the back.

a myriad of weapons suitable for slaughter
a myriad of weapons suitable for slaughter

I think some sort of emergency backpack or go bag would be good to have as well. It could have enough supplies for a day or two and a weapon. That way the horde shows up at your door, you don't need to fight them. You can just escape and maybe come back when they get bored and move on.

Well, I hope we never need to use our end of the world kit, but I hope it helps you all.


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