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Zootopia Review - Rebel Angel Reviews

Updated on March 24, 2022
Just another busy day in Zootopia!
Just another busy day in Zootopia! | Source

Zootopia Review - Like Nothing You've Seen Be-Fur!

Rebel Angel's Reviews - Zootopia

Hello, I'm the Rebel Angel, back again to give you another of my reviews that either give you the best of heaven or the worst of hell. And this movie? Definitely falls into the former! It's Disney's new animated movie, Zootopia (Or Zootropolis for those of you in Europe.) Now, I will warn you, there are some minor spoilers, but nothing too big.

It all starts in the rural town of Bunnyburrow, where our lead Protagonist, Judy Hopps, played by Ginnifer Goodwin, or in the current child form in the beginning, Della Saba, is participating in a stage play, where they illustrate the history of Predator and Prey. Apparantly, thousands of years ago, Animals were savage beasts, but soon, they evolved into more civilized forms. And Judy has one dream. To travel to the far off city of Zootopia, and join the Zootopia Police Force, to make the world a better place. Her parents, Bonnie and Stu, try to steer her clear of that dream, but to no avail. She even goes so far as to stand up to a local fox bully, Gideon Gray, and though accosted by him, keeps her dream alive. Soon, she becomes the very first Bunny Cop in Zootopia!

Now, a little something. The designs of Zootopia are AMAZING. The visuals of each habitat we see are incredible, from the chilling snows of Tundratown, to the verdant Rainforest District, to City Central and Savannah Square. City Central itself borrows heavily from New York, even down to the part of it being a human, or in this case, mammalian melting pot.

However, not everything is as Judy had hoped. On her first day, she's forced to be a METER MAID of all things, despite being valedictorian, and getting the highest marks at the Zootopia Police academy, just because Chief Bogo, a water buffalo, thinks she can't hack it as a real cop. However, she does meet up with another fox, named Nick Wilde, played by Jason Bateman. As it turns out he's taking his little boy to an elephant ice cream parlor, to get a Jumbo pop, but the species biased Elephant Owner, Jerry Jumbeaux Jr. refuses to serve him. However, Judy does point out a BLATANT health violation, forcing Jerry to serve Nick. Of course Judy soon finds out it was all a hustle. The baby boy is actually a fully grown Fennec Fox, and what they do with the jumbo pop is they melt it down in Sahara Square, freeze them into smaller Pawpsicles, sell them to lemmings, and use the popsicle sticks as lumber for rodents. Judy is NOT happy about being hustled, and tries to arrest Nick, but is unable to, due to him having the necessary permits. What's worse, he tells her that she'll never be a real cop, and will eventually go back to Bunnyburrow.

The following day, Judy, during her rounds, is told a weasel just stole from a florist's shop, and she pursues him through Little Rodentia, and eventually catches him. Chief Bogo however is NOT amused, due to the weasel only stealing what look like moldy onions. Then, a female otter, Mrs. Otterton, comes in to beg Chief Bogo to find her husband, one of the 14 missing mammals. Bogo assures her he's doing all he can, but then Judy volunteers to find him. Bogo uses this as an excuse to fire her, till Assistant Mayor Bellwether informs Mayor Leodore Lionheart that Judy is on her first big case. Having no alternative, Bogo instates an ultimatum. 48 hours to solve the case, or else, she resigns.

Clawhauser gives her the case file, which is VERY scant, knowing that she could possibly never get it done. However, Judy DOES find a vital clue. Mr. Otterton was eating a Pawpsicle on the day he was kidnapped. So, finding Nick, she effectively hustles him into helping him, by threatening him with Tax evasion, and an incriminating recording. A while later, after some unpleaseantries at a naturalist (NUDIST) colony, and a sloth run DMV, they head to a Tundratown Limo service, and are soon face to face with Mr. Big, an arctic shrew who is essentially the GODFATHER. However, his daughter Fru Fru was SAVED earlier by Judy, so they are given a pass.

Later, thanks to a tip from Mr. Big, they go to his Limo Driver, Manchas, a jaguar, who was viciously attacked by a SAVAGE Mr. Otterton. The only thing he said, before his attack is something about the "Night Howlers...." but before Judy and Nick can enter... Manchas ATTACKS them, having gone savage himself!

Now, I've already said too much, so I'll condense the rest of the plot, in a way that DOESN'T give anything away. Judy is nearly fired, but Nick defends her. We learn of Nick's real reason for being a total jerk, the Mayor is incriminated for making the animals go savage, but it's not truely as it seems. And if you watch the movie, you can see subtle hints as to who the true culprit is.

Anyway, the movie itself was a fantastic parody of our society today, what with racism, gender profiling, and judging people by appearance. However, at heart it's ALWAYS going to be a great film for the family. It's got action, comedy, suspense, and mystery all in one! It's still in theaters today, so I highly recommend it!

I give Zootopia 10 out of 10 Pawpsicles. This is DEFINITELY one of the best of Heaven. So, till next time, this is Rebel Angel saying, "Try Everything!"


  • A good instrumental soundtrack!
  • Great character development!
  • A plot that really keeps you interested!
  • A twist that will leave you saying, "WHAT!?"


  • Bogo is a total jerk, till later in the film.

Try Everything by Shakira

Next time....

My next review will be the movie starring the Destructive Duo of Sony Fame. That's right... get ready to kick some asteroid with Ratchet and Clank!

If you've already seen this movie, who is your favorite character?

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