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Psychopathic Records: Zug Izland

Updated on March 6, 2008

Zug Izland

You may not have heard of this particular band. It's not one of the more popular mainstream bands, these days.

Zug Izland is a Detroit based rock band, that most Ohio inhabitants are aware of, but other than that, you have to be a Juggalo or Juggalete to have been introduced properly.

I am not a Psychopathic Juggalete, but my boyfriend was once a Juggalo, and a stage manager for the band. Through him, I was lucky to be introduced to this wonderful rock band.

Although, not the most conventional band, this is one of the lighter rock bands that have been associated with the Psychopathic name,at least from the bands that I've heard from the record label.

I do not plan on going in- depth with a biography and discography of the Zug Izland band, more or less a few basics about the lead vocalist. The main purpose of this hub is to give you a chance to listen to a few songs by Zug Izland.

Zug Izland- Fly With Me

Zug Izland Notes

Currently, the band consists of 4 members: Syn aka G Man (vocals), Joey V (guitar), Dave V (bass), and 2 Phat (drums).

Looking at the lead vocalist- Syn...

Syn is a Canadian boron rocker. He moved to Georgia (my home state... what- what), and then he moved to Michigan. There he was introduced to Psychopathic Records and the Insane Clown Posse and became a big fan.

When ICP asked him to be 'Cynn' of Hatchet Execution, it was a dream come true. Together with Violent J from ICP and Mike P., the producer of Hatchet Execution started working on the Zug Izland CD.

This is when 'Cynn' became Syn. He turned down two big time record labels and a MTV slot to be a part of the band, which has seemed to prove pretty good for him.

Although, Syn is pretty popular amongst the Psychopathic artists, he is probably most famous for his vocals with Zug Izland.

Zug Izland- Prison Song

I'm not sure if I'm throwing a lot of names out at your- Violent J, Mike P., Cynn or Syn.

I understand that if you haven't been introduced to the band, Zug Izland, or the inner workings of Psychopathic Records, you'll be completely lost.

I still get lost with all the different crazy names and characters that my boyfriend talks about, but I don't really care about all the inner working mumbo jumbo, I'm just really into the music.

Zug Izland - Sunny Day

Zug Izland - Saved

Zug Izland CDs


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    • icpfankathy profile image

      icpfankathy 7 years ago from COLUMBIA

      I love there music....

    • profile image

      LA lette 8 years ago

      i love theyre music, nice page about them =]

    • profile image

      Lette 8 years ago

      O and I love da videos.

    • profile image

      Lette 8 years ago

      Wow u really know alo about Zug Izland.I just thought I should leave u a comment it looks like no 1 really visits