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A Christmas Story

Updated on November 29, 2014
A Christmas Story House
A Christmas Story House | Source

For me the best movie ever made is A Christmas Story. Most other people would say the best film of all time, or their favorites, are the classics like Casablanca, The Godfather, Gone With the Wind, or Raging Bull.

However to me A Christmas Story is the one movie that I could, and have watched over and over again. This is the one movie that I actually remember the dialogue and can quote lines from it. Even though I have seen it countless times it still brings a smile to my face and I get a good laugh while watching it.

It is a simple story about a boy wanting a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas. It shows how he goes about dropping hints to his parents, writes an essay about it for his teacher, and his visit to Santa who he believes is his last resort.

What truly makes the movie shine is the humor in the movie, which comes from his interactions with his family and friends. Part of what makes it funny is that it is actually relatable to me. It will bring back fond memories of similar situations and interactions that you had with your family and friends.

By the way do NOT try this at home. This scene is accurate your tongue will stick. I would rather not say how I know that for a fact.

That is a huge part of the draw for me, a pretty realistic portrayal of childhood. It is all done in an incredibly humorous way, but many of the situations I certainly recall happening in my own life. I too got my mouth washed out with soap, and yes it does taste horrible.

We definitely did stupid things when our friends dared us to, especially if it was a "triple dog dare". I think it is safe to say we have all been given clothes as a gift, that you would never ever want to wear.

For a few years in a row, they used to show A Christmas Story continuously on TBS for 24 hours during Christmas. I would watch it at least a couple of times on the day that they did. I don't know if they lost the rights to it, but they didn't do it last year and I don't know if they plan on doing it ever again or not. That is why I am going to ask to get this for Christmas this year. If you know someone like me, a huge fan of A Christmas Story, I can not think of a better gift to get them than the 30th Anniversary Blu-ray.

I definitely remember being so mad that I too have shouted a stream of profanities without releasing it.

A Christmas Story 30th Anniversary

A Christmas Story was first released in 1983 so last year was its 30th anniversary. They released a Blu-ray to commemorate the occasion on November 5th, 2013. If you have never seen it before check out the video clips above and below.

These are a few of the scenes from the movie, that will give you an idea of what the movie is like. Don't worry there are so many more hilarious scenes that you won't ruin it by watching them. Actually the flagpole scene above isn't complete. It continues on in the movie and it gets even funnier when they show what happens afterwards when they go inside.

If you know someone like me, a huge fan of A Christmas Story, I can not think of a better gift to get them than the 30th Anniversary Blu-ray. Don't disappoint the fan in your life get them the gift they really want. They will be almost as happy as Ralphie getting his Red Rider BB gun. As an added bonus maybe you can take them out for Chinese food afterwards.

If you grew up in a cold weather climate you can totally relate to this scene.

If you want to give the fan in your life something more than just the movie I have a few suggestions for you. They have the full size leg lamp available, but I think the desk lamp is a little more acceptable. If you want something a little smaller, they have an ornament for your tree.

If everyone in your house is a fan they even have A Christmas Story Village set that you buy in pieces. If it is for someone with a good sense of humor how about some "Oh Fudge". However my personal favorite is the "I triple dog dare you" T-shirt.

A Christmas Story 20 inch Leg Lamp Prop Replica by NECA | Holiday Gift |Desk Lamp | Same lamp used in movie
A Christmas Story 20 inch Leg Lamp Prop Replica by NECA | Holiday Gift |Desk Lamp | Same lamp used in movie

I so want this desk lamp that is a smaller version of the leg lamp featured in the movie. If you ship it to someone tell them to be careful as it is (say it in the voice) "Fragile". You can also get the full size lamp just like in the movie.

Ripple Junction A Christmas Story I Triple Dog Dare You Adult T-Shirt Medium Charcoal
Ripple Junction A Christmas Story I Triple Dog Dare You Adult T-Shirt Medium Charcoal

You can show your love of the movie with this "I triple dog dare you" T-shirt that includes a picture from the film.


What is Your Favorite Scene?

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    • lollyj lm profile image

      Laurel Johnson 

      6 years ago from Washington KS

      This movie always brings back memories of childhood in the 1940s -- Double dog dares, playing outside all day in winter bundled up, living in a world so different for children than it is now. I loved everything about this movie.


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