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Abby Sciuto - NCIS

Updated on October 1, 2014

Forensic Scientist Abby Sciuto Has Heart of Gold

Abby Scuito is a beloved television character on the hit drama NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Services). Actress Pauley Perrette brings goth forensic scientist Abigail "Abby" Scuito to life on the small screen. Abby Scuito dresses in goth apparel including dog collars and dark apparel. Her character stands out in scenes and leaves the audience, more than often, smiling at her antic and sometimes usual behavior.

This page is dedicated to my favorite pig tailed goth. Find Abby Scuito biographical information, pictures and more! A full list of site contents can be found under the Contents at Glance section.

Abby Sciuto Costume

Become Abby for a day

Abby Scuito is a fun and charismatic character with her own unique style. She makes a excellent costume choice. Officially there is no costume you can purchase but you can find make-up tips, hair advice and costume ideas for Abby at NCIS Halloween Costume. You can also find links to exclusive CBS gear that can help enhance your costume on the page.



Abby Scuito was raised by her two deaf parents in Louisiana. They are both deceased. She has a younger brother who has a daughter. In season 8 of NCIS she discovers that she was adopted when she is selected along with another man to be a kidney donor. Abby's DNA matches the other potential male donor.

NCIS Family

Abby is considered Team Leader NCIS agent Gibb's favorite member of his team. He considers her like a daughter, brings her Caf-Pows, and kisses her on the cheek. Her relationship with Tony is much like a brother sister relationship angling for top spot in Gibbs hierarchy. Originally, Abby did not hit is off with Ziva David and at one point they got into a slapping match but eventually they were able to become friends. In season one Abby dated McGee but their relationship ended. They are close friends and both still get jealous when the other is involved with someone else.

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Did You Know?

The Abby Sciuto character has appeared on the following television shows; JAG, NCIS, and NCIS: Los Angelos.

NCIS Scene Clips of Ms. Sciuto - Watch her in action

A few clips from NCIS episodes. Most clips come from Season 3.

The Goth With Tattoos

So how many tats does she have?

One key thing about Abby is the art work that she chooses to display on her body. According to Abby has twelve visible tattoos on her body. Some are Paulley Perrette's own tats and some are artificial designed for the NCIS scientist; including the artificial spider tattoo on her neck. For a full list and placement of Abby's artwork check out this page.

Abby Target for Bad Guys - See how many times Abby has be targeted

  1. Frame-Up: Abby discovers the identity of the man who was framing Tony DiNozzo for murder - her lab assistant Chip. Needless to say, Abby is no longer interested in having someone else working in her lab, not that she was originally happy about it to begin with. Abby is able to get the upper hand on Chip and ties him up in her office chair,

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    Season 3 Episode 9

  2. Bloodbath: The Season 3 episode has Abby followed and chased by an ex-boyfriend turned starker named Mikol who she originally met at a grave yard. She is also abducted by a guy working for a criminal being tried for crimes in a court case where Abby was giving testimony. Abby got the best of him with a stun gun. Note worthy, lab was poisioned with Cyanide gas in the beginning of the episode by the same man who hired the kidnapper; but McGee pulled her to safety.

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  3. Driven: This episode has Abby's life in danger but she is not the target. Abby ends up trapped in a killer car who wants to end her life when she is examing the car for evidence in a homicide. The work of a programmer that was residue for the earlier crime. Gibbs comes to the rescue by breaking her out of the car.

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    Season Four Episode 11

  4. Cover Story: In season four Special Agent Tim McGee's, writer's name Thom E. Gemcity, unpublished and unfinished manuscript gets into the hands of a killer who takes the story for reality. Mr. Gemcity has based his characters on people he works with on the navy yard. The character based on Abby is called Amy. The killer thinks Amy is plotting to kill the character base on McGee, Agent McGregor, and seeks to end her life before he ends McGregors. McGee is able to talk him down by suggesting that Abby and McGregor get married.

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    Cover Story is from Season 4 Episode 20.

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