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Alphabeat albums and songs

Updated on January 5, 2013

Alphabeat - Retro Pop that will get you on the dance floor

Alphabeat became famous in 2006 when they released the single Fascination, the song went silver in the UK and Platinum in Alpabeats home country Denmark.


The group is known for making happy retro pop songs and so far they have released 2 albums; This is Alphabeat and Alphabeat the spell as well as a couple of singles.

The most popular Alphabeat songs are Fascination, Boyfriend, 10000 nights of thunder and DJ.


Band members of Alphabeat are: Lead vocal Stine Bramsen, Lead vocal Anders SG, Anders B, Rasmus Nagel, Anders Reinholdt and Troels Hansen.

You can get Alphabeat on CD and on Itunes. Read on to see the full Discography of the band.


Photo Courtesy of Daniel Ãhs Karlsson

Wikimedia Commmons

This is Alphabeat - The first album by Alphabeat

This Is Alphabeat
This Is Alphabeat

This Alphabeat album contains some of the most beloved songs by the band. Including Fascination, Boyfriend and 10000 Nights. You will get a fun, upbeat musical experience with popsongs with the right amounts of retro feel. This is the perfect music to play for a party with friends, it is very dance friendly and easy to like immediately.

Any popmusic lover should give this album by Alphabeat a listen. I am certain you will fall in love with the band straight away.


Fascination by Alphabeat

Fascination is definitely the best song by Alphabeat so far. It is upbeat and happy and just makes your legs move. It is impossible to sit still while listening to this song. It is a perfect party song or a song for when you just feel a bit down. Do yourself a favour and listen to this, you wont regret it!

Introducing Alphabeat - Episode 1

Get to know Alphabeat with this exclusive series of interviews

Video Courtesy of alphabeatuk

10000 Nights

Another very happy song by Alphabeat that is sure to set the mood for a dancing night out.

10000 Nights - Live - FYI the Youtube title is wrong, this song is 10000 Nights

Boyfriend by Alphabeat - Karaoke style

If you like Karaoke, why not sing one of Alphabeats top hits boyfriend.

Boyfriend - Official music video by Alphabeat

Alphabeat - The spell - The second album by Alphabeat


Very catchy and happy pop music heavily influenced by the 90th. Great music for clubbing and dancing. The album has a slight touch of synth which just adds to the retro feel. If you grew up in the 90th you are certain to love these Alphabeat songs if not, well why not give it a try anyway. The happy positive vibe from the band might be just down your alley!


Making of the spell

DJ by Alphabeat

Very catchy tune with light pop beats. You will be dancing and singing along to this song by Alphabeat after just one listen.

Introducing Alphabeat - Episode 2

Alphabeat Backstage on Tour

EU residents, get your Alphabeat tracks here

Alphabeat on Tour 2012

Currently Alphabeat sadly has no planned tours outside of Denmark for 2012, however I will try to keep this lens updated if new concerts are announced.

The only concert Alphabeat has announced for 2012 so far is in Frederiksvaerk, Denmark.

You can also follow the Alphabeat yourself on their official website.

I hope you enjoyed this lens and that you did listen to some of the Alphabeat songs. Any true pop fan should have at least 1 Alphabeat melodi playing at their parties.

Alphabeat - What do you think?

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