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Imax The Alps, Climb of Your Life, Blu-ray Movie Review

Updated on December 10, 2014

Climb The Alps with The Alps Documentary From Imax

Imax: The Alps was considered a groundbreaking film celebrating the natural beauty of this alpine locale and the people who call it home. This 6,000-foot vertical face of sheer jagged limestone is one of the most difficult climbs in Europe.

In this documentary film, The Alps, Climb of Your Life, an American climber leaves on a perilous and important climb of a rock or ice wall called the Eiger in Switzerland. It will be the most dangerous journey he has ever taken when he tries to climb the mountain that took his father's life. A true-life story of courage set in an area of amazing beauty.

The Alps was ninth on the list of the best Imax blu-ray films available in 2008.

On this page, you will find a brief discussion of this documentary film, including short reviews, links to excellent and more detailed blu-ray movie reviews and the movie or video trailer or clip. Imax documentary movies take us to new on to learn more about climbing in The Alps.

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Who Will Love The Alps?

This Imax documentary will appeal to anyone with an interest in mountains and climbing and anyone who loves beautiful, sweeping cinematography paired beautifully with music that is both subtle and passionate. This Imax film is a powerful experience.

The Alps YouTube Video Trailer

The Alps Climb Of Your Life Amazon Customer Reviews

I love the Amazon customer reviews of The Alps with words like stunning and the best, how could you go wrong. Amazon customer C. Rogers says, "How they got some of the shots in this film is beyond me.!" Mr. Rogers also recommended this in HD so blu-ray is a great option.

Another customer, Lily Simple, said she and her husband are climbers and loved The Alps. They were entertained by both the story and the scenery and now have it on their list to travel to the Alps.

Nicole Hammond loved it, too, she really enjoyed the journey and was moved to cry. She really enjoyed the Queen music and HIGHLY RECOMMENDS this film.

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