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Andrew Lincoln From The Walking Dead.

Updated on February 15, 2015
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln.

Andrew Lincoln is best known for his current role in the Walking Dead for AMC, but if you've not seen some of his previous work, you're missing out! He has starred in two of my all time favourite TV shows, some British TV cult shows as well as taking memorable roles in highly successful movies.

Despite rising to global fame in an American show, he was actually brought up in Hull, and then later on Bath in England (to some people's surprise). He learned his acting skills at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) in London.

He has taken on many roles in his career, including parts on 'Drop the Dead Donkey', 'Holby City' and a lead role in one episode of the BBC's adaptation of 'The Canterbury Tales'. He also played Edgar Linton in the 2009 ITV adaptation of the classic novel Wuthering Heights.

However, I want to highlight some of his more notable performances (in my view) for those of you unfamiliar with his previous work.

The house mates from 'This Life'
The house mates from 'This Life'

'This Life'. (1996-7)

His first major role came in the TV drama 'This Life' where he played the strangely named Egg Cook (Egg being short for Edgar) for BBC2. The series was based around a shared house of trainee lawyers and barristers, and focused on the complex and changing relationships between them. The show was a critical success and by the second series was also drawing in good viewing figures. The show lasted for 2 series and came back for a one of episode for the 10th anniversary in 2007.

The Teachers spent a lot of time in the Pub!
The Teachers spent a lot of time in the Pub!

'Teachers'. (2001-2003)

In the comedy series Teachers for Channel 4, Lincoln starred as a disfunctional secondary school teacher who constantly felt the need to be seen as cool by the pupils. The show ran for four series, but Andrew Lincoln was not part of the last season. This comedy show focused heavily on Lincoln's character of Simon Casey for the first season, but the focus shifted to other characters more heavily in series two, and Lincoln only made a cameo appearance in series 3 as a casual teacher, after he had left towards the end of series two to travel the world.

This was one of my favourite TV shows at the time, partly because I could relate to some things in the show being a teacher myself. The humour in the show was at times a little childish but it contained some genuinely laugh out loud moments and I still pull out the DVD of the show every couple of years. The soundtracks to each episode were also excellent in my view using lots of music from British Indie guitar bands of the time. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. The show is also notable for the appearance of a young James Corden, who went on to write and star in the highly successful and funny 'Gavin and Stacey'.

An American version of the show was attempted, but as often happens it was short lived.

'Love Actually'. (2003)

Despite not being one of the lead roles in the romantic Comedy 'Love Actually' he still manages to be involved in one of the most memorable scenes from the movie. In case you can't remember, he is the character who is in love with his best friend's wife played by Kiera Knightley. He reveals his feelings to her using cue cards at her door while playing carols from his stereo. He had earlier been asked for a copy of his video of their wedding, as there had been a problem with their official video. However he is reluctant to hand over his copy as he only managed to capture the bride for almost the entire video due to his love for her and he knows if his friend sees it then his secret will be revealed. In a cast full of big names his performance is not lost, which shows his quality as an actor.

The Cue Card Scene From 'Love Actually'.

The unlikeable sergeant.
The unlikeable sergeant.

'Strike Back' (2010).


In this six part series for Sky TV based around the Chris Ryan book, Andrew Lincoln plays the quite unlikable SAS sergeant Hugh Collison. The story is based around an operation in Iraq which goes wrong, resulting in Lincoln's character killing almost all of his squad accidentally and then covering it up. This story line continues throughout the series, over a longer time, with other operations going on at the same time. The series had a high budget as Sky were making an effort to produce some quality shows of their own, rather than just importing from America as they had done previously. Lincoln puts in another strong performance and the show is worth watching if you get the chance.

There have been subsequent series of 'Strike Back' made but Andrew Lincoln was not involved in them.

A memorable scene from an early episode.
A memorable scene from an early episode.

'The Walking Dead'. (2010-)

In this critically acclaimed show, Lincoln plays the lead role of Sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes, who wakes up from a coma to a deserted hospital. He staggers from bed to find disturbing scenes of death and wanders out of the hospital in a daze into a world full of zombies. Through the series he somehow finds his wife and child along with his old partner Shane and a small group of other survivors. Without giving to much away, the show follows the groups attempts to survive in world with little hope.

The show is based on the highly successful comic series by the same name, written by Robert Kirkman, although the TV show does not stick exactly to the comic story line, with different characters surviving and dying in each.

In the show Andrew Lincoln plays the lead role of an American Sheriff from the Kentucky and seems to do a convincing job of pulling off an American Accent (to an Englishman's ears anyway!). The show is a great watch and if you haven't seen it yet then tune in!

It is now in its fifth season, showing on AMC in America and FX in Australia. If you have missed any episodes, they are regularly re-shown, including a recent re-showing in black and white, mimicking the comics and some of the old classic zombie movies. Alternatively the first seasons are available to buy on DVD, blu-ray or as a download from Amazon.

Other Movie Credits

Lincoln has appeared in multiple movies, but none of his other roles are as notable as his appearance in 'Love Actually' which I mentioned above. Many of the movies I have not seen and some I have never heard of, so I am unable to comment on his performance. The two other notable movies he has had a role in are 'Gangster No.1' starring Malcolm McDowell and Paul Bettany and 'Human Traffic, however neither of his roles in these movies are major. Neither of these are bad movies, although neither was winning any awards either. It seems that the majority of Lincoln's best work has been as a TV actor.

Books or TV?

Which is better, The Walking Dead TV show or the comics?

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Who Is Your Favourite Andrew Lincoln Chararcter? - Rick, Simon or Egg

I love the Walking Dead and think He does an amazing job as Rick, but Teachers is also one of my all time favourite shows and as I am also a teacher named Simon, it is a particularly hard choice for me. Who do you like best?

Who is your favourite Andrew Lincoln character?

See results

Please let me know what you think of the page, the shows or Andrew Lincoln!

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    • Siclone profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from NSW, Australia

      Thanks for the comment. I'm loving the Walking Dead too now it has finally made it to Australian TV!

    • IMKZRNU2 profile image


      6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Very nice lens. I had no idea all the other things that Andrew Lincoln had done. Love the Walking Dead!


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