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You Can Own Andy Warhol's Elizabeth Taylor...

Updated on March 29, 2015
Andy Warhol's Elizabeth Taylor Painting
Andy Warhol's Elizabeth Taylor Painting | Source

Buy Andy Warhol's Elizabeth Taylor Paintings, Prints and Posters

With the passing of Elizabeth Taylor on March 23, 2011, there is a heightened interest in everything and anything to do with this beautiful and legendary woman. I have been listening with keen interest to the news about Liz #5, one of Andy Warhol's images of Liz Taylor. Of course, owning a real Andy Warhol picture is completely out of the question for most people but fans of both Warhol and Taylor can find a reproduction of one sort or another to add to their personal collections. On this page, learn a bit more about Andy Warhol and Liz #5 and find some great images of Elizabeth Taylor, many of which are quite affordable.

See Amazon's collection of Elizabeth Taylor artwork.

"Andy is in the air we breathe;

Liz was in the air he breathed."

- Jerry Saltz

Andy Warhol and Elizabeth Taylor

Liz #5 expected to sell for $20 to $30 million.

In the 1960s, Andy Warhol went through a period when he painted well-known American products and pop celeberties and his images were both extremely popular and very controversial. One of the celebrities he chose was the very beautiful and alluring Elizabeth Taylor.

Warhol is said to have loved femininity and women and was particularly smitten with Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and ELIZABETH TAYLOR. He created many pictures of these women and the ones of Taylor are considered in the words of Jerry Saltz "to exude a primitive hit of graphic power, stunning color, seething glamour, repressed sexuality and flawed beauty." He created pictures of Taylor from photographs and as a result she appears in his work in many ages from her days in National Velvet to her days as Cleopatra.

Currently, and perhaps because of the passing of Elizabeth Taylor on March 23, 2011, the internet is positively abuzz about the Andy Warhol portrait of Elizabeth Taylor, coming to auction in New York on May 12, 2011. The picture in question is that shown at the top of this page, the 1963 silkscreen from Warhol's pop culture icon series called LIZ #5, which expert Michael McGinnis of Phillips de Pury, of the auction house selling the portrait, calls a pristine gem and considers a Warhol work from the period during which Warhol was at his best. Liz #5 it is expected to fetch between $20 AND $30 MILLION DOLLARS.

Reproduction of Andy Warhol's Elizabeth Taylor Painting

Andy Warhol's Liz Taylor
Andy Warhol's Liz Taylor | Source
Andy Warhol Street Banner
Andy Warhol Street Banner | Source

More Andy Warhol Images of Liz Taylor

Vintage pieces, even if they are reproductions of Andy Warhol's works, are usually more interesting but do usually fetch a higher price than current reproductions. Examples of a reproduction piece might include the street banner shown here, a lithograph, an oil painting or an older poster.

Homage to Andy Warhol: Elizabeth Taylor

Josef Herbicholot's Elizabeth Taylor
Josef Herbicholot's Elizabeth Taylor

Obviously NOT an Andy Warhol picture, this one is by two contemporary artists who work under the name of Josef Herbicholot. Together they combine their interesting and diverse backgrounds to create pieces of artwork that have references to but do not duplicate existing art history. It was sold on eBay in 2013.

Elizabeth Taylor was a "flawless woman who touched lives in person and on screen." - Ralph Wolfe Cowan


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