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Animated Ant Movies

Updated on September 17, 2014

Animated Movies Featuring Ants

What is it about ants that make animated movie producers sit up and take notice? It could be their community oriented life or the fact they are so small yet manage to survive in a world filled with people and animals that rarely notice their existence. Whatever the reason it seems that these animated ant movies have a lot to say about our society and how we live in the world.

Movies like Antz, A Bug's Life and The Ant Bully give us a close up of the insect world and a new perspective on the world. This page is about all those cute and cuddly ants brought to the big screen. Find out what makes these ant movies standup and be counted.

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You're wrong, Hopper. Ants are not meant to serve grasshoppers. I've seen these ants do great things, and year after year they somehow manage to pick food for themselves and you. So who is the weaker species?

-Spoken by Flick from the animated movie "A Bug's Life"

A Bug's Life - Ant Animated Movie #1

A Bug's Life [Blu-ray]
A Bug's Life [Blu-ray]

A Bug's Life Movie Stats

Star voices: Kevin Spacey, Dave Foley and Julia Louis-Dreyfus; Runtime: 95 minutes Genre: Animated; Date: 1998

A Bug's Life tells the tale of an ant colony who is being bullied by a group of grasshopper. Through the story we follow Flik, an ant who seems to be able to nothing right, as he ventures out to find warrior bugs to help his colony deal with the grasshoppers. Too bad he only finds circus bugs on his adventure and his lies put the colony in jeopardy. Flik though finds the strength to stand up for his colony and himself against the grasshoppers. Through his journey Flik finds love and friendship and a reason to fight.

My 3 Favorite Scenes:

*I love it when Princess Dot flies away only to return with a rock for Flik to remind him of his potential. At this point the student is teaching the teacher. The rock/seed metaphor is used beautifully here.

*My favorite part of the movie is when the beaten Flik stands up and inspires the whole colony to stand up against the grasshoppers. I love a good story about t he underdog.

*When the circus bugs present the rock to Princess Atta as a parting gift I cannot help but smile and either can Princess Dot and Flik who share the inside joke. The present only confuses Princess Atta.

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I've got to believe there's something out there better than this. Otherwise I'll just curl up into a larval position and weep.

- spoken by Z from the animated movie "Antz"

Antz - Ant Animated Movie #2


Antz Movie Stats

Star voices: Woody Allen, Sharon Stone and Gene Hackman; Runtime: 83 minutes Genre: Animated; Date: 1998

Z does not like being a worker ant. He has been told that is who he is and that is who he will always be, but Z wants more. Antz follows Z's quest for individuality as he meets Princess Bala and falls in love with her. The only problem is Bala's husband to be, General Mandible, is a power mad ant who wants to rid the colony of all the "weak" ants which in his mind are the worker ants by drowning them.

My 3 favorite scenes

*When Z meets Princess Bala at the bar it is the beginning of their relationship.

* I like the part when Z freaks out when Princess Bala remembers him as a worker and ends up taking her hostage.

*I liked when Z survived the ambush that killed the soldiers loyal to the queen. He unwittingly saves the life of his friend Weaver who changed placed with him.

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Hello! Earth to ant lady! You were right in the middle of sounding like my mom!

-Spoken by Lucas from the animated movie "The Ant Bully"

The Ant Bully - Ant Animated Movie #3

The Ant Bully [Blu-ray]
The Ant Bully [Blu-ray]

The Ant Bully Movie Stats

Star voices: Paul Giamatti, Nicolas Cage and Julia Roberts; Runtime: 88 minutes Genre: Animated; Date: 2006

The Ant Bully tells the tale of Lucas the destroyer who is shrunk to the size of ant because of the damage he had done to the ant colony living in his yard. Lucas learns what it is like to be small and what lessons the ants have to teach him before returning to his family. This movie cleverly shows the cyclical relationship of bullied and the bullied. Lucas is the bullied and in return takes his humiliation and anger out on the ant colony and becomes an ant bully. In the end Lucas learns to escape the cycle.

My 3 Favorite Scenes

*When Lucas and the Ants team up to get rid of the exterminator is a great part because they learn to overcome their size and make a difference.

*I like the parts where the grandmother was present and talked about the aliens. She seemed crazy but she was the only one who knew what happened to Lucas.

*A great scene I like comes at the end of the movie when Lucas faces his bully and stands up for another kid.

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The Ant Bully


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Did I cover all the animated ant movies or did I miss one? Talk about your favorite animated ant movies or leave me a comment to let me know you came calling.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      i have watched only "ant bully" movie , and it good

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      What about Silly Symphony Cartoons â The Grasshopper And The Ants (1934)?

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      Cool Lens, pretty even on the voting too.. thanks for sharing

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      Fun lens about movie star ants -:)