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5 Animes Like Spice and Wolf

Updated on August 5, 2013

5 Animes Similar to Spice and Wolf

Are you looking for animes similar to Spice and Wolf after seeing it? You're in luck, because I have a list of some of the best animes like Spice and Wolf as well as links to many more that I can't list here.

If you have not seen Spice and Wolf before I highly recommend that you do as it has a very unique storyline with extremely unique characters. While the story is very serious at times, there are many funny moments mixed in that will have you laughing for hours on end. If you enjoy a romantic comedy anime with a bit of the supernatural then you should give Spice and Wolf a try.

I want to hear from you so please leave a comment at the bottom telling me some of your favorite animes and which animes you think are most like Spice and Wolf. I appreciate your visit and as always, happy anime watching!

Image Source: OniiBabba

Animes Like Spice and Wolf

Animes Similar to Spice and Wolf


1- Tayutama: Kiss On My Deity

A Romantic Comedy Anime Like Spice and Wolf

Tayutama: Kiss On My Deity is a romantic comedy with tons of action mixed in and some serious moments to0. What do you get when you have a wolf spirit that turns into a child the moment her spirit energy runs out? Well, you get a very funny and heart warming tale about a boy who must figure out how to protect her while completing his mission.

Yuuri Mito isn't your average everyday high schooler, you see his parents run a shrine and he must learn how to become an exorcist while also going to school. The problem is he's not very good at it yet and to make matters worse when he goes to get rid of bad spirits from a cemetery a weird girl gets in the way and causes the release of all the bad spirits and a fox deity named Mashiro. Mashiro insist that he Now help her to return all the spirits back to where they came from and fast.

Reviews and ratings from Anime News Network

Inukami! anime
Inukami! anime

2- Inukami!

A Wolf Girl Anime Similar to Spice and Wolf

Inukami! seems a little strange through the first few episodes, but it quickly develops into a very complex and hilarious romantic comedy. Even though it has a total of twenty six episodes it seems like it goes by so fast and provides a very enjoyable experience.

The story itself centers around a boy named Kawahira who is informed that he is to become an Inukami(fox god) tamer. Though he has no interest in doing so, he soon changes his mind when he meets his Inukami for the first time, a girl named Youko.

Reviews and Ratings from Anime News Network


3- Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox

A Love Triangle Anime Like Spice and Wolf

Kanokon pokes fun at itself while also providing you with a great viewing experience. It has action and suspense along with a ton of comedy and tries not to take itself to seriously. This makes for a very entertaining romantic comedy that you'll wish had more seasons long after it has ended.

The story begins with Kouta, a country boy who moves to the city to attend school. All he wants to do is have a normal high school life, but things become a lot more complicated when he gets involved with a girl who is actually a fox god. He must keep her from making any trouble if he has any hopes of having a normal high school experience.

Reviews and Rating from Anime News Network

Omamori Himari
Omamori Himari

4- Omamori Himari

A Slice of Life Anime Like Spice and Wolf

Omamori Himari contains a lot of fantastic animation and with that very unique characters with their own distinct personalities, each playing a part in transforming this anime in to one of the best ever made.

The story centers around Yuuto who lives with his childhood friend Rinko due to his parents both dying when he was a very young age. He is enjoying a normal high school life until a cat demon named Himari appears at his door. She informs him that he is the last in a long line of demon slayers and that she has the sole duty of protecting him as he completes his mission.

Reviews and Ratings from Anime News Network

Kamisama Hajimemashita
Kamisama Hajimemashita

5- Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss)

A Supernatural Action Anime Similar to Spice and Wolf

Kamisama Kiss ended up being one of my favorite animes of 2012. It's not often that you see an anime poke fun at itself, but you see plenty of that with Kamisama Kiss. The animators do a great job of bringing the characters of the manga to life.

Nanami Momozono was thrown out of her home due to her father failing to pay his gambeling debts. As a result she decides to head to the park to spend the night. While there she hears a man in a tree crying for help as a dog barks at him. She manages to scare the dog off and as a result the man in the tree agrees to let her stay with him upon hearing her story. He gives her a kiss on the forehead as thanks and quickly leaves. She comes to find that his home is actually a shrine and quickly learns that the kiss on the forehead was a seal to make her a new Earth Deity.

Reviews and Rating from Anime News Network


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