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Arvel Bird Celtic And Native American Music

Updated on May 25, 2015

Arvel Bird - Lord of the Strings Native American / Scottish violinist, flutist and storyteller

I had the pleasure of experiencing a performance by Arvel Bird which included a mix of Native American and Celtic fiddle, Native American flute and story telling. He shared the stage with a guitarist, a drummer and sometimes Native American dancers.

Arvel Bird's music is " a blend of his Celtic and Native American roots that are uniquely his and intricately woven throughout his songs."

With this lens, I would like to introduce you to this very talented award-winning muscian and his own unique style of music. If you aren't a fan already, I think you will be.


Music for Wellness and Bliss - Arvel Bird's Most popular album

"This beautiful 60 minute CD combines the most peaceful music from Arvel Bird's Animal Totems and Animal Totems 2 CD. The music and the order of songs were developed by a group of Arizona massage therapists who love Arvel's music. Ideal for massage, relaxation or bubble bath."

Arvel Bird in Kansas City my photo

Arvel Bird in Kansas City my photo
Arvel Bird in Kansas City my photo

Order Red River Jig

Red River Jig
Red River Jig

"Red River Jig is a collection of some of Arvel's favorite Canadian Me'tis fiddle tunes from the 1800's onward. The album includes three original tunes Caribou Reel, Raven Warrior, Bisbee Miner and Arvel's beautiful arrangement on his solo acoustic violin of Ashokan Farewell, from Ken Burn's Civil War Series. " ~Amazon


"His method of fusing his Scottish and Native American ancestry to craft a unique blend of musical fusion is truly a delight to the ears." ~Dana Wright,

Who Is Arvel Bird? - Celtic Fusion Recording Artist

"Arvel Bird was raised in Utah and Arizona where he began his 11 years of classical violin training. He attended Arizona State University on a music scholarship, later transferring to University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana. There he began to compose and improvise, learning to play bluegrass, Celtic, folk, country and old-time music. Arvel's mix-blood heritage of Southern Paiute and Scottish ancestry is now the inspiration for his own unique style of music."

Celtic Nation
Celtic Nation

"Celtic Nation takes Arvel back to his Scottish roots with a toss of Irish for a true Celtic blend. Whether you sing along with is folk songs or dance to his fiddle-icious instrumentals, you will love taking this music journey through the British Isles with Arvel Bird." ~Amazon


Celtic Nation

"Like my own musical journey, Celtic music has evolved by integrating other musical genres, such as classical and world music, which influenced the arrangements of these songs and tunes. I am continually inspired by incredible recording artists such as Old Blind Dogs, Bua, Cherish the Ladies, Let Scotland Flourish, Trinity River Whalers, Celtic Dance, Calum Martin, Jamie O'Brien, Seven Nations and many others." - Arvel Bird

Arvel Bird Video Bio

"He is almost always on tour, connecting with his fans in symphony halls and festivals. " ~Dana

Are You An Arvel Bird Fan?

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Rakish Paddy - Popular fiddle tunes from the 18th-20th centuries

One Nation Celtic PowWow

Arvel Bird is a musician who is in constant evolution. ~Dana

Music of the Titanic Centennial

Arvel Bird writes on his website "The music is truly from my heart..." Dana Wright at gave the album a 5-star rating.

"This album is magnificent and if you have ever been intrigued by the Titanic or Celtic fusion music, you owe it to yourself to listen." ~Dana Wright.

Arvel Bird Bear Creek Pow Wow photo by Olivander

Arvel Bird Bear Creek Pow Wow photo by Olivander
Arvel Bird Bear Creek Pow Wow photo by Olivander

Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards Performance - CAMAs Video 2009

Arvel Bird performs "Journey Home" from his Double Award Winning CD Tribal Music Suite at the CAMAs November 26, 2009

Double Award Winning CD Tribal Music Suite, Journey of a Paiute - Arvel Bird

In 2009, Arvel won Best Instrumental Album and Best Producer/Engineer (with Grammy-winning producer Tom Wasinger and Nashville engineer Chas Williams) for Tribal Music Suite: Journey of a Paiute.

Arvel Bird Artist of the Year 2007

Arvel Bird was voted Artist of the Year at the Nammys by his fans and peers in 2007

Arvel Bird & His Band "One Nation" - 2006 Nammys

This video is the debut performance of Arvel Bird, (Southern Paiute / Me'tis) and his new band "One Nation". It was performed at the Seminole Hard Rock of Hollywood Florida.

Order Arvel Bird & One Nation

Best Instrumental Awards - Arvel Bird LIVE! and Animal Totems 2

Arvel Bird LIVE! and Animal Totems 2 struck gold with the Native American Music Awards (Nammys) and the Indian Summer Music Awards best Instrumental categories in 2006.

Red Tailed Hawk - by Arvel Bird

Ride Indian Ride - Arvel Bird

The album, Ride Indian Ride,which debuted at the Colorado Indian Market in January 2010, "is a departure from his more traditional cultural music, with an edgier blues/rock sound that blends his Native American/Celtic roots with a stronger, more soulful sound."

Shout Out To Arvel Bird - I love to hear from my readers

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    • nikhilsukumar profile image

      Nikhil Sukumaran 2 years ago from Bangalore

      Great music from a master.

    • card lady 2 profile image

      Pat 5 years ago from Midwest, USA

      @redtailvision: I agree. Thanks for your comment!

    • redtailvision profile image

      redtailvision 5 years ago

      Have seen Arvel several times at the pow-wow. Amazing talent, amazing person!

    • card lady 2 profile image

      Pat 5 years ago from Midwest, USA

      @TapIn2U: Thank you, Sundae!

    • TapIn2U profile image

      TapIn2U 5 years ago

      I love your lens! Sundae ;-)

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      anonymous 7 years ago

      You're Beautiful... Love U,