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Audrey Kitching

Updated on January 25, 2015
Audrey Kitching in 2011.
Audrey Kitching in 2011. | Source

Who IS Audrey Kitching?

Plenty of people who see her photos or hear her name ask this question- "Who the heck is Audrey Kitching?" Well, she's a lot of things- a fashionista, blogger, former scene queen, model, former BMX biker, former hairstylist, an online celebrity -- and so on. If you want more details about Audrey, simply scroll down and read on...

Photo of Audrey Kitching in July 2014.
Photo of Audrey Kitching in July 2014. | Source

THIS Is Audrey Kitching...

Audrey Kitching is a famous online celebrity and former scene queen. (For more info on what scene queens are & scene culture, keep an eye out here for the the link to the soon-to-be-published Scene Culture & Scene Queens webpage/Hub.) She's also a former BMX biker and has worked as a hairdresser. But her fame came when she started modeling and posted some of the pictures online on her MySpace & Buzznet pages. Audrey has modeled for brands like Jessica Louise, Skelanimals, New York Couture, and for the store Hot Topic. She's been both blonde and brunette, but started getting more modeling jobs after dying her hair pink. And she's kept her hair pink (at least partially pink if not all pink) ever since. Her style isn't so much scene now, as she no longer wears the typical scene fashion staples. But she's kept a wide array of colors in her wardrobe. She's very artsy, which she puts to use through fashion and interior design. She also works for & blogs regularly on their site.

There has been some drama related to her former relationships & friendships. Audrey did date Brandon Urie from the band Panic At The Disco and Travis Richter from the band From First To Last, leading some to believe and accuse her of dating famous guys only to get famous herself. She has denied this.

Audrey was also formerly friends with other scene queens- Jac Vanek, Hanna Beth, & Zui Suicide. She did a lot of modeling/photo shoots with them, and even filmed a never-aired show with Zui Suicide called Trashy Life. For whatever reasons, she does not seem to be in contact with Jac Vanek or Zui Suicide anymore. However, she did reconnect with Hanna Beth at an awards show a few years ago.

Online critics and fans alike have also been upset with Audrey concerning her blogging. They've accused her of not crediting other sources for the ideas, topics & photos she posts on her Buzznet blog. She defended herself, saying that she's never taken credit for any ideas that weren't her, but simply presented the ideas again in her blogs, just like other bloggers do. She's also noted that lots of people use her photos without crediting her or the photographers, or linking back to any other sources. But she's said that she doesn't mind or care too much about it.

Audrey Kitching YouTube Videos - Vlogs, Apartment Video Tours, Fashion & Hair Tips, Commercials, Etc.

Several videos about Audrey Kitching are featured in this playlist, including makeup, hair & fashion videos, picture slideshows, her vlogs & apartment tours via Buzznet (one of her old apartment back in June 2009, & then a two-part video tour of her then new apartment in July 2011), commercials (Tokyolux, Vans, etc.) and more.

Audrey Kitching Videos Playlist on YouTube

While there are several videos of Audrey on this YouTube playlist, you can find even more videos of her through Canal de mandalokaa on YouTube, a YouTube search or by clicking on Audrey Kitching's "Videos" section of her Buzznet page (see "Audrey Kitching Links" module).

Audrey Kitching modeling.
Audrey Kitching modeling. | Source

Audrey Kitching Links

Official Audrey Kitching Links/Webpages

(run by Miss Kitching herself...)

  • Audrey Kitching's Twitter page, @AudreyKitching
  • Audrey Kitching's Pinterest Page, which is updated frequently. I swear, you're missing out if you don't follow her Pinterest page. It's even better than her Buzznet page, in my opinion.
  • Audrey Kitching's Buzznet Page, where she used to post hundreds of pictures of herself, as well as videos, and entries in her online journal/blog. She posted her final blog in November 2014, citing the desire to move on to other things.
  • Coco De Coeur Tumblr blog (Google this or message me for the link; I can't link directly to it because of it's content [HubPages might unpublish or delete this webpage if I do]; it seems that this blog is run by Audrey at least part of the time [if not all the time], based on her "Hey, look it's me" blog entry/post on Dec. 11, 2010)
  • Audrey Kitching's MySpace Account (currently inactive and, again, I can't link directly to it because it has a lot of spam comments, and HubPages will unpublish or delete this lens/webpage if I do; you can Google this to view the page)

Audrey Kitching Links/Webpages Run By Fans

Other Audrey Kitching Links

All of these Audrey Kitching links & websites were found using Google search (which you can use to find more websites about and images of Audrey).

Quick, what do you think of Audrey Kitching?

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Audrey Kitching at New York Fashion Week in 2013.
Audrey Kitching at New York Fashion Week in 2013. | Source

My Thoughts on Audrey Kitching... - Always subject to change...

I can't say I agree with everything Audrey does, has done, or has been rumored to have done. For example, she has a tendency to see certain questions and ALL criticism as destructive criticism, when sometimes people just simply have questions about something she's saying or have constructive criticism for her. (Yes, there is a difference between destructive & constructive criticism. Destructive criticism= rude, not at all helpful; Constructive criticism= helps to improve.) I have seen it often in her responses to others on her Buzznet page. I do wish she'd consider how she reacts to certain people sometimes.

However, I don't disagree with everything she does. She does have positive traits & talents.

For example, I greatly admire her artistic talents (which she does have, in my opinion). From her hairstyles & hair colors to her fashion sense, to her interior design skills, most of what she does art-wise is aesthetically inspiring to me. Now, that's not to say I'm gonna go dye my hair pink and start dressing like her, because I want to be somewhat original. But she is inspiring me to put a bit of art into everything I do, which I like, as I am a naturally artistic person as well. I think we're both people that have this need to create constantly, because the ability to express ourselves artistically makes us happy & content. So regardless, I can always relate to Audrey on an artistic level, if nothing else.

But I also admire her for doing exactly what she wants and what makes her happy, regardless of what other people think. There's definitely something positive to be said about someone like that. I'd like to be a little more like that.


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