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Avatar Movie Review

Updated on October 7, 2014
Avatar | Source

Looking For A Good Avatar Movie Review?

Avatar was such a beautiful film that I cannot help but think it should be seen only in a movie theatre. However, that time has come and gone and now, if you want to see Avatar, you will need to rely on the benefits of your HDTV and your blu-ray player.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment released Avatar, James Cameron's science fiction movie to DVD and blu-ray disc, on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2010.

Avatar is the first movie that I ever thoroughly enjoyed on 3D. It did an amazing job of combining the effects with a good storyline. I was actually able to forget that I was watching 3D. I do not think that it has ever happened to me before. If this is the future of 3D, I think we have a lot to look forward to.

On this page, you will find my Avatar movie review. You will also find links to many more top quality reviews of Avatar, the movie trailer and information about the blu-ray disc.

It took 12 years and five hundred million dollars for James Cameron to create this epic movie which makes it the most expensive movie ever made, a title previously held by James Cameron's Titanic, which went on to be considered by many the best movie ever made. It will take you 161 minutes to soak up all its glory and what may well be the best movie effects ever.

Click here to order your copy of Avatar from Amazon.

Avator Movie Storyline

Avatar is about a former U.S. soldier who travels from Earth to Pandora in order to enter a tribe of alien Na'vi who just happen to be living over a rich mineral deposit. The mission is to find a way to convince the tribe to move but the soldier falls in love with a member of the Na'vi and winds up organizing the revolt against the human invasion. A visually spectacular 3D movie, this one also includes an environmental theme, a love story and plenty of action and adventure.

Avatar opened in movie theatres on December 18, 2009.

Blu-ray and DVD release date was

April 22, 2010.

Avatar Official Movie Trailer

This is the second, slightly longer Avatar movie trailer although at 3:32 minutes it is not overly long. It is, however, a far better representation of what this movie is all about than the first trailer was...and it is this trailer, which reveals more of the storyline, which convinced me to go with two members of my family to see this movie at the theatre.

Indy Mogul Review of Avatar

James Cameron is back in a big way and the question is can he deliver the promised most technologically advanced movie ever made. On this video, Indy Mogul starts off with a brief look at and analysis of James Cameron's movie making history and of Avatar and then then she goes to the box office to interview movie goers who have just seen the film. Did James Cameron succeed? Watch and see what these movie goers have to say.

Jeremy Jahns Review of Avatar

I enjoy Jeremy Jahns reviews but be warned that he uses some foul language in his movie reviews. His review of Avatar actually is tamer in that respect than some of his other reviews that I have viewed. In terms of this movie, well, I can say that Jeremy loved it:

"I expected a good movie or at the least a very pretty looking movie but damn its safe to say that I did not expect this level of emotional gravity. There are scenes that just break your heart in this movie."

If you watch this trailer, you are going to want to see this movie and I will go along with Jeremy when he says, "Go, go now!"

Avatar won three Academy Awards, for Art Direction, Cinematography and Visual Effects.

Avatar Blu-ray
Avatar Blu-ray
Avatar (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray/ DVD Combo Pack)
Avatar (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray/ DVD Combo Pack)
Striking artwork on this edition, which includes the blu-ray disc, the blu-ray 3D disc and the DVD versions of the movie.

Avatar Rated PG-13

Not a children's movie, Avatar is rated PG-13 for battles, warfare, sensuality and language.

First, be aware that this movie Avatar is not in any way connected to Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is a PG-13 motion picture extravaganza that is not appropriate for younger children.

Christian Science Monitor gave this movie a grade of B+ and reminded us that it is rated PG-13 for "intense epic battle sequences and warfare, sensuality, language, and some smoking."

The Movie Mom echoed the B+ grade and said that she felt that this movie is appropriate for middle schoolers and up, warning that this movie contains "extensive sci-fi action-style fantasy violence, peril, injuries, and death involving every possible kind of weapon from poison-dipped arrows and knives to high-tech missiles, teargas, and bulldozers." She goes on to say that there are animal attacks, a non-explicit, sensual scene, a bit of foul lanugage and some macho military talk. Characters are also attacked by animals. There is a non-explicit but sensual scene involving some alien snuggling. Characters use about a dozen bad words and there is some macho military talk, too.

Finally, Common Sense Media issued a strong warning too, saying that this science fiction movie might just be too intense and possibly too long for many tweens.

Avatar on Blu-ray and DVD
Avatar on Blu-ray and DVD

Order Avatar on Blu-ray and DVD Now

The Art of Avatar: James Cameron's Epic Adventure Hardcover Book

© 2010 Treasures By Brenda


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