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Avengers Costumes 2012

Updated on July 10, 2012

The Avengers Initiative is in Full Operation!

With most of the all-star cast reprising their roles from the hit movies, Iron Man (2008), Thor (2011), Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), The Avengers is shaping up to be the hottest superhero movie of 2012. Of course, with blockbuster superhero movies come new costumes for the heroes. This article lets you in on the skinny for the superhero costumes from the 2012 movie.

Official Avengers Website
Official Avengers Website

New Costumes

Some of the costumes have changed from the previous movies and some have stayed the same. So what are heroes wearing these days and who received a change of wardrobe? Also, check out the trailer from the Avengers website to get a glimpse of some of them in action!


Captain America

Chris Evans Captain America Costume

In the movie, Chris Evans reprises his role as the valorous Steve Rogers. His costume from his 2011 movie featured a World War II look with a very retro style helmet and gloves, reflecting the 1940s time period. The costume is revamped for the Avengers movie, bringing in the style that Captain America is better known for in the comic books. The new look has a more "superhero" feel to it, whereas the one from 2011 had a more "functional" appeal to it.

Captain America's New Costume!

Captain America Costume Display
Captain America Costume Display

Here's a look at Captain America's new costume from the 2012 movie behind a display case.


Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man Costume

The Iron Man suit that Robert Downey Jr. will be donning in this movie looks much like his suit from Iron Man 2, grounding strong roots in the visual style of more recent comics. The model appearing in the Avengers movie bears strong resemblance to the armors used by Tony Stark after he acquired the Extremis Armor. The costume keeps the triangular reactor core upgrade from his last movie and keeps the sleek hot rod colors that fans have come to love.

Tony's Suit for The Avengers

Iron Man Suit
Iron Man Suit

Tony's suit goes, for the most part, unchanged in the new movie.

Hulk from Avengers
Hulk from Avengers


Mark Ruffalo Hulk Costume

He's big, green and has muscles bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Full clips of the Hulk in action for The Avengers movie have surfaced, and it's hard to see how they can really do anything different with Hulk's costume other than change the color of ripped shorts he wears. Mark Ruffalo has stated that he will be doing all the motion capture for the Hulk, so whatever we get to see of Hulk, it's sure to bear a very humanistic look and movement.

Hulk is Mad!


Hulk, as he appears in the upcoming 2012 Avengers movie.



Jeremy Renner Hawkeye Costume

Although Jeremy Renner made a cameo appearance in Thor, the 2012 Avengers movie will be Renner's first official appearance as Hawkeye in Marvel's movie. They have decided to go with a more "realistic" approach with Hawkeye's costume. Many fans may be disappointed to see anything but the classic purple suit, but this costume seems to work for the attitude of Hawkeye. Also, being one of the only two superheroes on the team without superpowers, chemical enhancement, or a high powered suit of armor, it makes more sense to not draw attention. Since photos of Hawkeye are scarce, it's unclear whether he will eventually don his classic purple suit.

Black Widow and Hawkeye Taking Names

Black Widow and Hawkeye
Black Widow and Hawkeye

How are the heroes without superpowers faring? Take a look for yourself!

Thor Chillin' with Loki
Thor Chillin' with Loki


Chris Hemsworth Thor Costume

Chris Hemsorth's new Thor costume has subtle changes from the appearance in the 2011 Thor movie. The circles on the costume are sleeker, and some of the edges are less squared from the original. This costume tries to tie together a gritty realistic look with Thor's classic look from the comics. The overall effect seems to be successful with some of the blues being toned down and the removal of gold compared to the comic, being that some of the classic colors used by Thor's costume in earlier artwork may not transfer well to live action.


Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson Black Widow Costume

Scarlett Johansson never needed help to look smoking, but her new outfit from the The Avengers certainly does the young star justice. Black Widow always maintained a sultry secret agent appeal and the costume for the new movie keeps true to the comic. Composed with a black tactical suit, revealing just enough to drive any comic fan wild, Scarlett Johansson is sure to make Black Widow a much more popular character in the Marvel Universe.

More Black Widow Images

Black Widow Headshot
Black Widow Headshot

Scarlett Johansson looking great (as always) in her role as Black Widow.

Replica Black Widow Costume is Coming!

Replica Black Widow costume
Replica Black Widow costume

Scarlett isn't the only one who will be able to rock the deadly Black Widow costume from the 2012 Avengers movie. A replica Black Widow costume will be available from later this year and it looks to be just as real as the one in the movie. This outift is sure to be a hit at comic conventions (and with comic nerds) all around the world.

New Kids Avengers Costumes!

Kids Avengers Costumes
Kids Avengers Costumes

And with new costumes in the film, comes new costumes for kids. These new costume are sure to be a hot item for Halloween 2012! Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man all have redesigned costume for 2012, all based after the new movie.

New Adult Avengers Costumes

New Adult Avengers Costumes
New Adult Avengers Costumes

Kids aren't the only ones who will be ready to dress up as the heroes! The new line of Avengers costumes from the 2012 movie are bringing some new styles to the roster. The Black Widow, Loki, Nick Fury and Hawkeye are all bound to be big hits this year. Some of these character costumes are the first time that we'll get to see licensed costumes of these Marvel superheroes.

Avengers 2012 Movie Costumes

Need a great way to make the Avengers movie release heroic? Wearing a costume based after superhero movies can be a fun way to experience the new Avengers movie. Costume companies make some realistic versions from the movies and so far, these are the ones that are hot.

Avengers on Amazon

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