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Ayumi Hamasaki's Plastic Surgery Transformation

Updated on September 29, 2012
A photograph of Ayumi Hamasaki as she is famous for appearing.
A photograph of Ayumi Hamasaki as she is famous for appearing.


Ayumi Hamasaki is a 33 year old Japanese recording artist. She was born on October 2, 1978 in Fukuoka, Japan. She burst on the scene in 1998 with her debut single "Poker Face." As of 2012, she has released a total of 13 full-length albums and has taken part in 14 concert tours. Since her debut, she has become the highest selling solo artist ever in Japan. With 50 million records sold she has also become the best selling Japanese female recording artist.

Before plastic surgery.
Before plastic surgery.

Early Years

Hamasaki began her career as a model at an early age in order to help supplement her family's income. Her mother worked full-time, so Ayumi was mostly taken care of her grandmother as her father left the family when she was young. After he left, he never made contact with the family again.

At the age of 14, she left her family and moved to the city of Tokyo to look for work. This is when she entered the SOS model agency, but the agency quickly deemed the young woman "too short" to work as a model, so she was moved to a recording agency. In 1995, she released a rap EP titled "Nothing from Nothing," but it failed to chart, so she was booted from the label.

Eventually Ayumi was signed under the Avex label. She underwent vocal training then released "Poker Face" which was quite popular. Since that time she gained a following and became an idol in Japan.

Poker Face

Plastic Surgery

There is much speculation as to whether Ayumi Hamasaki has actually underwent plastic surgery. Many people say that in her early modeling photos she is simply not wearing any makeup, therefor looks differently. In modern day pictures, she seems to have tons of makeup caked on her eyes, but in the old days, barely any is present and she looks like a natural beauty.

However, fans have noted that it looks like she's had, in recent years, a nose job as her nose appears thinner than it use to.

It has also been said she may have had an eye lift. In addition, it is often noted she may have had breast augmentation surgery Recently she has been shown with fuller lips, which leads to the speculation she has had lip injections.

Even with all the talk, there is no official word as to whether or not she's actually had any plastic surgery. Some fans defend her and say she hasn't while others say the evidence is clear. Either way, it does not stop her from being the most popular female Japanese recording artist in history.

My Name's WOMEN PV

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