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Baggage Claim

Updated on June 5, 2014

A movie date night at home. We like to pick up movies from the Red Box. We ended up getting Baggage Claim. It’s always fun to pick movies we haven’t seen. This was one of them. It’s a hit and miss if you like them or not. I’d seen the previews for this movie and remembered it looked funny. So we gave it a try and what a good laugh we had. It was better than we thought it would be.

Finding Mr. Right

Flight Attendant Montana is looking for somebody; anybody! She’s tired of being alone and wants to find Mr. Right. She feels pressured by her younger sister’s engagement and her mom hounding her to find a man. She has thirty days to figure what to do. Her work buddies come up with a plan to help her. They search her phone and look up past boyfriends for possible potential candidates. There plans are to be on a lookout for these guys for when they’re flying. They’ll rearrange Montana’s schedule to be on the same flights as them. So from one city to the next; one flight to the next Montana flew around running into her ex-boyfriends but soon to realize that wasn’t working out instead he might be the childhood friend across the hall instead of across the skies.

Online Dating

While watching this movie it reminded me of the online dating websites. As you go looking for Mr. Right online, you could meet someone who is in the same town, next town or maybe another state or out of the country. You could go a short distance or far away to meet someone. I always stuck to nearby towns not necessarily in the same town. The furthest I was willing to actually meet up with someone was a less than a few hours away.

Baggage Claim was a funny love story with a good moral in the end about love. True love isn’t in finding the right one; it’s in staying together. Now isn’t that truth!

The Best Man
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The Best Man Holiday
The Best Man Holiday

The is the sequel The Best Man. It about about how friends reunite for a holiday after many years since the wedding. There are funny and teary moments.


Movie Previews

I love Montana's friends! They are awesome to come up with such a crazy plan. Do you have friends like that? Preview the movie and see for yourself the antics of finding true love.

How far would you travel to meet Mr or Ms Right?

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