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batman vs the dark night

Updated on December 5, 2010

Batman vs The Black Night

Ok, I do dig Heath Ledger as a great actor. A good cast! But, I have to say as a kid, Batman was to be taken a little bit more serious! I know, I know... Michael Caine, Morgan Friedman.. all perfect for the parts, but as a kid who took "WOW" & "BAM" & "POW" serious, there is just nothing, nobody that could ever take the place of Batman!

In the original there was just nothing better than Batman, the world is taking everything we knew and putting a new age twist on it. Why don't they think up something new and leave well enough alone!? I know in my hubs it seems quite contradictory of me, considering I'm a like totally Twilight Nerd! :) They took what we always knew and loved about the monsters and changed things. Finally I can't wait to see what Johnny Depp will do with Dark Shadows! I love that show when I was a kid!

Anyway back to Batman vs The Dark Night, Bat series, yeah sure they have some neat newfangled gadgets like the gun that shots bombs with timers on them! The Dark Knight flies all over, but THE REAL BATMAN wouldn't of ever let the girl hit the car! And who made the joker the start rather than The Dark Night!? We see more of him, so why's that? I dunno, there's just nothing better than the real Adam West hanging on the ladder, and yells to his best partner, Robin, "QUICK ROBIN, GET ME THE SHARK REPELLENT" so Batman can, so courageously protect himself from the Sharks he dangles above! The plastic Shark goes for Batman, and he takes him out with a quick spray, and the day is saved! Well, he's Batman, of course he's going to save the day.:)

The courageous Batman fighting off the Shark in the 1966 movie Batman! (PRIME)
The courageous Batman fighting off the Shark in the 1966 movie Batman! (PRIME)

Now, we have The Dark Knight, aka The New Batman, who has FAULTS!? This just doesn't add up for me. The real Batman would never let the first person have been killed! And they call Batman a slacker, and him taking all the falls.

The movie looks great in blu ray, amazing shots over Gotham City, looking down between the tall buildings, but Batman, would have never let things gotten so out of hand, and let the joker, have the glory he got in this tainted version of the infamous Batman that ruled our hearts and minds as children who loved "POW" "BAM" coming towards our TV's as we watched him win every fight against the bad guy.


Now if they had of made a Batman movie that had those popping out at us in, say maybe even 3-D on Blu ray, that would be the awesome topper of any of the Superhero remakes of today. I might actually still have a liking for them. But since things were so twisted, I lost my faith in them when they began remaking Batman, and OH, the disappointment that Adam West was NOT going to play the part! Of course being my age, I realize his, but "hello everyone" STUNT MEN??? All Mr. West had to do was be his normal self and they could have dubbed his voice over that of the great Michael Keaton.

When they went on for people to fill the parts, I was even more disappointed that they'd pick a talentless person for Batgirl... please, that Silverstone girl had to lose weight to fit in that costume, not to mention BY FAR too short and NO swagger to her walk. What a let down!

The leggy & beautiful Nicolette Sheridan, or Rebecca Romjin (ex)= Stamos, or even better yet, Jenna Elfman (known as some as Dharma on the cute show Dharma & Greg) she would have been prime for the part, very tall, slender enough not to need to lose an ounce to fit in the costume! Maybe too cute for the part, as Nicolette Sheridan would have had the serious face, and body to put the Silverstone to shame. Luckily they did put two beautiful, and right for the rolls in the Saga, Nicole Kidman and the lovely and talented Drew Barrymore.(Unfortunately not associated with The Dark Knight's version of Batman.)

Well, anyway, that's my review of The Dark Knight, disappointed enough to lounge back with headphones and let my friend finish the movie and falling asleep, only to wake and see, it had bored me to SLEEP and I didn't even finish the hub on my review or thoughts of the movie! I guess sleep was the best choice for me rather than sitting through a movie that I knew would get no better. I do give kudos to the late (great) Heath Ledger, I seriously wish he was still with us to share his talents, he'll be missed greatly! I had read that he didn't want to do rolls like 10 Things I Hate About You, because he didn't want to do "meaningless - chick flick - teen films" but that sort of contradicts him doing the joker. 10 Things, as most know is a modern day Taming of The Shrew by Shakespeare, and done very well as Patrick Verona, and at some point I'll get my hub done with the ultimate similarities between the movie and the Shakespearian play. I'd like to make it interactive with a lot of polls on which things match the movie, and which doesn't. See how many people really got all the "plays' on the legendary play from Shakespeare's Taming of The Shrew.

Agree or disagree with this hub, I hope to see some input and comments

The Dark Knight - Batman

The Dark Knight in Flight
The Dark Knight in Flight

Just a little input from my readers!

Which are you more drawn to?

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    • Katharella profile image

      Katharella 6 years ago from Lost in America

      Thanks Bruce! I hope fans like it!

    • profile image

      Bruce Wayne 6 years ago

      New trailer coming out today! !

    • What Is Q profile image

      Adam 7 years ago from Tennessee

      First off, that scene with the shark attached to Batman's leg has stuck with me all these years since a kid. It was completely awesome. Second, The Dark Knight is my favorite movie!!!! :( But not because of Batman. I don't even like Christian Bale. I loved the Joker and what Heath Ledger did with the character. Absolutely brilliant and he deserved that Academy Award. I'm not upset that you fell asleep during it, since I fell asleep during Twilight. :) Adam West is awesome, though, and will always be Batman.