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Beauty And The Beast Movie (2017): 6 Things You Didn't Know

Updated on September 27, 2017
5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Beauty And The Beast Movie (2017): 6 Things You Didn't Know
Beauty And The Beast Movie (2017): 6 Things You Didn't Know

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Movie:

An American fantasy musical film that is the remake of the 1991 animated film based on the eighteenth-century fairy tale of the same name. With $1.2 billion grossed worldwide on a $160 million production budget, Beauty and the Beast (2017) surpassed even the original film and became the 2017 highest-grossing film. In the new Disney’s film, the classic characters from the well-known old tale are refashioned for a contemporary audience, several new songs added to the old ones.

Country: United States

Genre: Drama, Musical & Performing Arts, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Music by Alan Menken

Starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Kevin Kline, Josh Gad, Ewan, McGregor. Stanley Tucci, Audra McDonald, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson

Studios: Walt Disney Pictures, Mandeville Films

Released: March 17, 2017


Beauty and the Beast is set in 18th century France. The storytelling begins with a ball holding by a young Prince in a vast castle set in the heart of France. One night, an unexpected intruder - an old hug arrives to the castle. In hope to seek shelter from a destructive thunderstorm, as a gift, she offers the Prince a single rose. But infuriated by the sudden disruption of the ball, selfish Prince mocks her and declines her proposal. Even after the warning of the old woman, he dismisses her again. Suddenly, a hag transforms into a beautiful enchantress and as punishment, she turns the Prince into an awful, frightening beast and his servants into household objects. The memory of a beautiful Prince and all his servants was erased from the minds of people they loved. With a powerful spell being placed over the castle and that enchanted rose, they are forgotten by the whole world. But if only the Prince could learn to love others and earn their love in return by the time the last petal fell, the spell would be broken. Otherwise, he will remain the beast for all time.

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Years later, in a quiet French village, Belle, a bright and beautiful young woman, who is bored of her village life among other villagers who seems to be simple-minded and quite happy with their lives, and seeks something new, an adventure, for example. One day, her father and his horse leave for the market and Belle asks him to return home safe and to bring her a rose. Belle’s father gets lost in the forest and seeks shelter in the Beast’s castle when he notices that beautiful enchanted rose and is imprisoned by the Beast, being accused of stealing it. Very soon, Belle finds her father and offers to take his place despite her father’s objections. One day, a girl wanders into the forbidden place in the castle, where she finds that same rose. That’s when she is scared by the owner of this castle. She will soon find out who the Beast actually is…

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Interesting facts about Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Did you know this?

1. La La Land or Beauty and the Beast?

Ryan Gosling turned down the offer to play the role of the Beast to appear in La La Land (2016). Emma Watson, being a big fan of Beauty and the Beast (1991) since childhood, turned down the offer to play the lead role in La La Land film to star in this one.

2. The most viewed teaser trailer of all time

As stated by Disney, the first Beauty and the Beast (2017) teaser trailer was viewed more than 91 million times in the first 24 hours that means it’s the most viewed teaser trailer of all time. (March 2017).

3. Could Daniel Radcliffe be the Beast?

Once some information about filming of Beauty and the Beast (2017) was revealed, Daniel Radcliffe was rumored to play a major role.

4. Too much time...

Filming was completed more than 18 months before the film's release.

5. What a funny coincidence...

The actions in the film take place in France. Emma Watson and McGregor’s wife were born in France.

6. Emma Watson's idea

It was Emma Watson who came up with an idea for Belle to be the inventor in the film, instead of her father Maurice, mainly to justify why Belle is treated differently by other villagers.

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