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Bella Electric Strings

Updated on February 1, 2015

How I found out about The Bella Electric Strings

Have you ever been talking to someone on the phone and one thing leads to another and wham you are talking about music. In this case about a musical group.

Well this happened to me. I was helping someone - no names being used to protect the innocent - fix a device on the phone. (ask people at my church, I do this all the time.) Anyway I was helping this gentleman and while waiting for things to finish we had several chances to talk. And not about trouble shooting. He knows the group and told me about the music they perform. And yes he peaked my interests.

When I got home I was able to Google the group. This allowed me to learn more about them and the type of music that they performed. This was worth waiting for and worth researching.

In general I tend to listen mostly to Christian music. There is a rare exception where it is instrumental that I will look for.

Image -

Bella Electric Strings - String Quartet Promo 2011


Daydream Believer - Bella Electric Strings with The Lon Bronson All-Star Band

Bella Electronic Strings Slideshow

If you like this group then guess what I found while on Google

That's right there are other groups out there.

Given a chance to do some research and you never know what you will find. Music is a fun one to do the looking for. In this case I typed in...

Electric String Quartet

It was amazing how many other sites I was able to find. The nice thing was that most of them were in other countries. This means others will be able to share in the music. With that being said please check out the others that were found...

Fortissimo, Electric String Quartet

Infinity Electric String Quartet

Performing in St. Petersburg, Russia. Of course it would be nice to have them there when I was there. OK so they weren't a group way back then, but I can still dream can't I?

Electric String Quartet Asturia

Bond - Live from the Royal Albert Hall

Stringfever - History of Music

Just so you don't think that there are no guys involved check this out.

Escala - Made it to the British Got Talent Final 2008

Emil & Dariel on America's Got Talent 2014

Just so you know I am about to say something that I have never said before. When is there first album coming out? Yes I wanted them to win. Even though they didn't I believe they should have. Also I did something else new to me - I actually voted for the first time.

Emil & Dariel

I am not asking for autographs - Just comments

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      jdwheeler 5 years ago

      Sounds so good!