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Top 100 Best Heavy Metal Songs of All Time (2022)

Updated on February 4, 2022

List of Greatest Heavy metal Songs

Heavy metal roots back to 60s when a new form of rock music evolved from blues rock and psychedelic rock.This genre was called as 'Heavy metal'.

Bands Like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath,Deep Purple,Motorhead,Judas Priest and Iron Maiden largely contributed to Heavy metal genre in the 60s,70s and 80s.The fans and followers of Heavy metal genre were popularly known as "metalheads" or "headbangers".

Here is the list of 100 best heavy metal songs ever made.Not only these songs were loved by people but also strongly influenced pop culture.

If you find any of your favorite heavy metal song missing then do let me know in comments.

Photo Credit : Lou Simeone Design and Illustration

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Top 100 Heavy metal Songs - Vote Up your favorite Song

Here is the list of 100 best Heavy Metal songs.

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This List Is Generated By Users,visitors and lovers of Heavy metal music like you.You can vote your favorite heavy metal song in the list.

100. Dark Days

99. Battery By Metallica

98. Chapel Of Ghouls By Morbid Angel

97. Jesu Dod By Burzum

96. Over the Wall By Testament

95. Evil By Mercyful Fate

94. The Divine Wings Of Tragedy By Symphony X

93. Blinded By Fear By At The Gates

92. Blackwater Park By Opeth

91. Elimination By Overkill

90. Crystal Mountain By Death

89. Kill The King By Rainbow

88. The Exorcist By Possessed

87. Guardian By Fates Warning

86. Screaming For Vengeance By Judas Priest

85. Transilvanian Hunger By Darkthrone

84. South Of Heaven By Slayer

83. The Last In Line By Dio

82. Heartwork By Carcass

81. A Fine Day To Die By Bathory

80. Hammer Smashed Face By Cannibal Corpse

79. Bonded By Blood By Exodus

78. I Am the Black Wizards By Emperor

77. The Philosopher By Death

76. The Four Horsemen By Metallica

75. Metropolis By Dream Theater

74. War Ensemble By Dream Theater

73. Hangar 18 By Megadeth

72. Queen Of The Reich By Queensryche

71. Freezing Moon By Mayhem

70. Caught In A Mosh By Anthrax

69. Fast As A Shark By Accept

68. Halloween By Helloween

67. Seasons In The Abyss By Slayer

66. Breaking The Law By Judas Priest

65. Black Metal By Venom

64. For Whom The Bell Tolls By Metallica

63. Am I Evil By Diamond Head

62. Pull The Plug By Death

61. The Oath By Venom

60. Witching Hour By Venom

59. Peace Sells By Mega Deth

58. Electric Eye By Judas Priest

57. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due By Megadeth

56. Angel Of Death By Slayer

55. Fairies Wear Boots By Black Sabbath

54. Exciter By Judas Priest

53. Nightfall By Blind Guardian

52. Neon Knights By Black Sabbath

51. Wasted Years By Iron Maiden

50. Killers By Iron Maiden

49. of the Stranger By Queensryche

48. Sweet Leaf By Black Sabbath

47. Keeper of the Seven Keys By Helloween

46. Battle Hymn By Manowar

45. Pull Me Under By Dream Theater

44. Fear Of The Dark By Iron Maiden

43. Balls To The Wall By Accept

42. Walk By Pantera

41. Symphony Of Destruction By Megadeth

40. Enter Sandman By Metallica

39. Aces High By Iron Maiden

38. You've Got Another Thing Comin' By Judas Priest

37. Phantom Of The Opera By Iron Maiden

36. Holy Diver By Dio

35. Cemetery Gates By Pantera

34. N.I.B. By Black Sabbath

33. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath By Black Sabbath

32. Seek & Destroy By Metallica

31. Painkiller By Judas Priest

30. Raining Blood By Slayer

29. Ace of Spades By Motorhead

28. Powerslave By Iron Maiden

27. Over The Mountain By Ozzy Osbourne

26. Rainbow In The Dark By Dio

25. Into The Void By Black Sabbath

24. 2 Minutes To Midnight By Iron Maiden

23. Mr. Crowley By Ozzy Osbourne

22. Cowboys From Hell By Pantera

21. Symptom Of The Universe By Black Sabbath

20. Creeping Death By Metallica

19. Beyond The Realms Of Death By Judas Priest

18. Victim of Changes By Judas Priest

17. Black Sabbath By Black Sabbath

16. War Pigs By Black Sabbath

15. Tornado Of Souls By Megadeth

14. Children Of The Grave By Black Sabbath

13. Fade To Black By Metallica

12. Heaven And Hell By Black Sabbath

11. Crazy Train By Ozzy Osbourne

10. The Trooper By Iron Maiden

9. Stargazer By Rainbow

8. Iron Man By Black Sabbath

7. The Number Of The Beast By Iron Maiden

6. Paranoid By Black Sabbath

5. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner By Iron Maiden

4. Run To The Hills By Iron Maiden

3. Master Of Puppets By Metallica

2. Hallowed Be Thy Name By Iron Maiden

1. One By Metallica

Top 10 Heavy Metal Songs

Below is the list of my personal favorite Top 10 Heavy Metal songs

Greatest Heavy Metal Songs Spotify

Heavy metal music is a type of music that developed from rock and roll. It has been classified as a form of rock, as well as its own genre, due to the unique sounds it produces which are unlike those produced by other genres.

Heavy metal lyrics typically deal with dark topics such as death, violence, war and similar subjects. A common element found in heavy metal is the distorted electric guitar riff played at a very high tempo using power chords or barre chords. Typically played with distortion on an electric guitar amplifier or an overdrive effect pedal used with an electric guitar, the sound produced by the amplified rhythm parts is what gives this type of music its distinct musical sound. In some cases drums also play a heavy role adding depth to the sound like with double bass drum patterns, blast beats and strong percussion.

Often the lyrics of heavy metal music deal with social or political issues; this is what sets it apart from most popular rock genres which tend to focus on more personal subject matter such as relationships and problems.

Heavy metal has been referred to as "the crack cocaine of music" due to its highly addictive nature and some similarities between the two in terms of musical effects. It takes a certain mindset to appreciate this type of music and those who do so connect with it on a different level than people who don't appreciate it. People say they feel closer to things like death and pain when listening to these types of songs rather than enjoyment which find disturbing or scary even. There's a negative stigma surrounding the fan base of heavy metal music and those who listen to it and it can be said that most people view those types of people as violent or aggressive even if they don't mean to be. The lyrics often involve deeper meaning than what is immediately presented on the surface and this is why heavy metal music has such a large following despite its negative stereotypes.


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