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The Best Leona Lewis Songs

Updated on October 8, 2012
A fresh faced Leona Lewis wins X Factor at 21 years old and the world is her oyster thereafter.
A fresh faced Leona Lewis wins X Factor at 21 years old and the world is her oyster thereafter.

Leona Lewis Songs

The best Leona Lewis songs showcase her voice and talent and allow us to hear her vocal range. Fans think of her as a mix between Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, and these are two of her idols. Leona Lewis grew up listening to these two amazing singing superstars and is the new ballad singer on the block. With her good looks and sultry tones, she's a top notch talent to add to the likes of Whitney and Mariah. Will she be able to stand the test of time like her idols? That still remains to be seen, but she has had an amazing start breaking into the US and quickly gaining a loyal fan base, has sold numerous records, had number one's around the world and broken world records. Not bad for a 21 year old!

This may sound strange when you consider Leona Lewis was previously a receptionist in London, struggling to find the money to follow her dreams to become a successful singer/songwriter. Although she had attended various schools for performing arts and had recorded a number of demo tracks, success was always just beyond her grasp. That all changed when her boyfriend convinced her to audition for televised singing competition in the UK known as X Factor, back in 2006.

Leona went to the live auditions and sang her version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. The judges thought she had star power and a great voice. She was put through and continued to advance in the competition. Simon Cowell went on to become her mentor on the show and Leona Lewis's star continued to grow. By the time she won the competition, the UK loved her and had waited patiently every week to hear her voice. It was clear Leona Lewis was a star in the making.

Leona won a one million pound recording contract on the 16th of December 2006. However, Clive Davis had already been in talks with Simon Cowell to sign Leona Lewis in the USA, regardless of whether she won the UK singing competition or not. Clive Davis is well-known as the person who signed Whitney Houston and has managed her career almost from the very beginning. Clive Davis was the best chance for Leona to break the US and open a whole new market, which she has successfully done.

Leona Lewis has gone on to release hit song after hit song. Here you will find a list of the best Leona Lewis songs, along with the music videos and links where you can buy her songs.

Leona Lewis Songs List

A Moment Like This

Leona Lewis won X Factor in the UK in December 2006 and had her first hit with a cover of the Kelly Clarkson hit A Moment Like This. Kelly Clarkson was also a winner of a TV show singing competition with Simon Cowell as a judge, called American Idol. However, Leona Lewis soon surpassed the number of CD's she sold with her first hit.

A Moment Like This was released as a digital download the following night after she won X Factor. It went on to become the UK's number one Christmas song and sold over 570,000 copies, which was more than the rest of the top 40 songs combined. Leona Lewis quickly broke a world record with her debut single, selling over 50,000 copies within half an hour of being available for digital download.

She also showed her vocal range and was able to be heard easily over the live choir that performed this song with her.

Fans of Leona can re-live the moment when she won by playing the video to the right. Leona struggles to hide the emotion of winning while performing the winning song. All her dreams had just come true and she knew she was about to be catapulted to fame and fortune the world over. She became the ultimate fame story and has since performed on every talent competition you can imagine including America's Got Talent, American Idol and has returned to perform on X Factor numerous times.

Leona Lewis Debut Album - Spirit

A few months later, in February 2007, Leona signs a £5 million deal to record 5 albums for Clive Davis. Leona has both Simon Cowell and Clive Davis in her corner helping her choose and record songs for her first album, entitled Spirit.

Spirit would go on to sell over 6 million copies worldwide and be number one in the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Africa.

When Spirit was first released in November 2007, it quickly became the fastest selling debut album in the UK and the fourth fastest selling UK album of all time!

When the album was released in America, it broke the US Billboard records by entering the charts at number 1. This made Leona Lewis the only British female artist to ever reach number one in the USA with a debut album!

She also went on to receive three nominations for the 51st Grammy Awards; Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Vest Pop Vocal Album and Record of the Year forBleeding Love. She performed at her version of the Robert Flack hit The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, but failed to win a Grammy.

Leona then went on to be nominated for 4 Brit Awards and was the favorite to win, but again failed to bring the prizes home. She had to wait for the MOBO Awards where she finally won the award for Best Album being Spirit and Bleeding Love won best video.

Leona disappears for a while to record her new album. She's mostly in recording studios in America putting her Spirit album together. She makes a surprise appearance on UK television to thank her mentor and manager, Simon Cowell, for the amazing opportunity he has given her.

Many of Simon Cowell's close friends, family members and acts he has managed come to celebrate his life. Il Divo are one of Simon Cowell's most successful groups and they perform the closing number Somewhere (There's a Place For Us). This is a famous song and was in Westside Story. Many great singers have sung this song over the years including Barbra Streisand.

Everyone is surprised when Leona Lewis steps out from behind the curtain to join Il Divo singing this beautiful song. Even one of the Il Divo singers misses part of the song as he is too busy looking at the stunning Lewis in a long, flowing, white evening dress.

Above you will find the UK version of the music video to Bleeding Love. Below you will find the US version for the same song.

Bleeding Love

Bleeding Love was the second single released by Leona Lewis, but was the first single released from her debut album, Spirit.

Bleeding Love was first released in the UK in October 2007. It was actually written by Jesse McCartney and Ryan Tedder. It was a massive success for Leona Lewis as the song stayed at number one for at least seven weeks in the UK. It also sold over 200,000 copies in it's first week of release and went on to win The Record of The Year Award. The song was also number one in over 11 countries, including the USA.

Bleeding Love was released to the US market in February 2008, in time for Valentine's day. A new music video was recorded to appeal more to the American market.

This was Leona's debut American single and most American's believed she was American, mostly due to the location of the video being shot in New York. The single quickly went to number one and had four weeks at the top spot. By reaching the number one spot, Leona went down in the history books again as being the first British female artist to have a US number one since 1987 when Kim Wilde reached the top spot with You Keep Me Hanging On.

Better In Time

Better in Time is the 2nd Leona Lewis song from the album Spirit to be released in the US. In the UK it is released as a double A side CD, with Footprints in The Sand on the other side.

Although it failed to go to number one on the American Billboard chart it did get to number 11. It did far better in the UK and Europe.

Footprints in The Sand

Footprints in The Sand was released in the UK in aid of Sport Relief.

All profits from the single went to charity and Lewis followed up by going to South Africa as her contribution to help. The single sold over 40,000 copies in the UK and helped raise a significant of money and awareness for Sport Relief and the plight of children in third world countries.

Leona has contributed to charity in a number of ways and performed with a number of other female stars, including Beyonce, for the anti-cancer campaign called Stand Up To Cancer.

To finish the Spirit album off, Leona then did a cover of the Snow Patrol track called Run.

Leona returned to where it all began, X Factor UK, for her first live performance of Run, before the song would be available for download. When the song was available for download, Lewis broke another world record. Run became the fastest selling downloadable single of all time. The song sold almost 70,000 copies in 2 days.

It is only fitting that Leona Lewis was invited to the US X Factor finale to perform this song there too.

2nd Leona Lewis Album Echo

Leona records her second album entitled Echo within 9 months and includes tracks such as Happy and I Got You. She does a UK tour performing songs from Spirit and Echo and bases her tour on the 1980s David Bowie movie, Labyrinth. She has plans to support Christina Aguilera on tour in the USA. However, that falls through when Christina Aguilera cancels her tour.

In November 2009, Leona Lewis releases her 2nd album, Echo.

In September 2009, the first song from the Echo album is released. Happy is a hit and goes to number 2 in the UK charts. It reached the top 10 in most countries around the globe. Although it doesn't perform as well as her debut album, it's still a good outcome.

Leona continues to meet fans and makes a public appearance to sign albums for fans. While doing this, one of her supposed fans punches her in the temple. He is quickly apprehended and charged and Lewis is bundled into a car, clearly shocked and dazed. Although there is no long term damage, in the short term she has swelling and bruising and perhaps a little more caution towards the general public.

Leona records the theme from Avatar, directed by James Cameron.

I See You goes on to be nominated for the 67th Golden Globe Awards for Best Original Song, but fails to win. However, the film is a huge success and is one of the first 3D movies to hit cinema's world-wide.

Fans of Final Fantasy XIII will recognize this song.

My Hands by Leona Lewis is used as the theme song to Final Fantasy XIII.

3rd Leona Lewis Album - Glassheart

Leona Lewis takes some time out and makes her third album, after the painful break-up with her boyfriend, whom she's know since she was at school.

Expect his album to be a little different from the previous albums. According to critics it is more uptempo and a little darker.

Collide is the newest Leona Lewis song and is a more upbeat dance song. It actually features the tune from Avicii's Penguin dance track. When released in the UK, Collide reached number 4. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Leona Lewis's third album.

Collide is actually taken from her third album called Glassheart. Glassheart was originally scheduled to be released on 2011, but has been pushed back numerous times. Currently, the plan is to release the album in November 2012.

Leona returns to the XFactor as a judge and then again to perform her new single from her third album, Glassheart.

The new song is called Trouble and has darker lyrics than she's ever sung before.

Which is Your Favorite Leona Lewis Song?

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Leona Lewis has come a long way since her X factor win in the UK in 2006. She has had a number of number one hits in various countries and continues to hope to reach these heights again, with her upcoming album entitled Glassheart.

She has a soft spoken voice and is always polite and demure. Although she has a stellar voice, she continues to be grounded and the fame doesn't seem to have changed her so far.

Leona Lewis has managed to not court the media for fame and has allowed them to come to her. She does her utmost to keep her private life private, however she is not always successful. She has struggled with tonsillitis and the media found out her childhood sweetheart broke off their relationship, minutes before a live concert she held back in 2010. Leona was devastated and she had known him since she was ten. However, he felt that since her star had risen that they struggled to spend time together. She is always travelling the world and he is alone at home.

There have also been rumours that Leona has had a nose job and a boob job. She continues to deny these rumours, but if you look at current pictures of the singer compared with her pictures from her first album, her nose does look thinner now. If she has had rhinoplasty then it's been very discrete and extremely well done.

Her voice is mellow and she does the most amazing runs to reach those high notes and the falsetto's. She is most commonly compared to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, as her voice would fit perfectly with their style of singing and also the tone of her voice. If Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston had a love child, Leona Lewis would be the result.

Leona's upcoming album promises to be more upbeat with a faster tempo. This musical diva doesn't wish to be a one trick pony. She realizes that if she is to last the long haul she can't just sing one ballad after another. She has to do what others have managed before her and turn her talent to dance tracks and other catchy songs that people will remember. Will she succeed? It's too early to say, but her latest single Collide looks to be on the right track. Perhaps some of the new songs will soon become part of the list of the best Leona Lewis songs.

More Leona Lewis Songs


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    • fpherj48 profile image


      4 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Leona overwhelms me with every emotion of the spectrum....leaves me speechless..........Absolutely Outstanding.........UP++++


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