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Updated on June 18, 2011
Love is in the air!!
Love is in the air!!


Bells are ringing! Birds are singing! Couples are preparing! For what else? Dream wedding of the year!

Everyone would want to have the most fantastic wedding, who wouldn't? This is just once in a lifetime occasion, (Except for those who changes spouse and makes wedding a habit, ahem!) so why not make it the best, right?

I know we would want it to be exceptional, an event that will be talked about, a special occasion that will always be remembered by many, memory that you can always look back to,and most specially, the most romantic exchaning of vows known to mankind.

Simple yet elegant beach wedding
Simple yet elegant beach wedding

The Perfect Wedding Place

I cannot imagine anything more romantic than having beach as the place you'll say "I do" to your lifetime partner. Just visualize yourself celebrating your long awaited day with the sky, the sea and the soft sand as your witnesses (Of course not to include your endless list of guests), the serenity of the beach making the matrimony so divine, with just the sound of waves dancing to a light beat gracefully, the sound of birds singing harmoniously, celebrating this moment of happiness with you... with wind cooperatively blowing your face like soft carresses, and with a weather so perfect to go outdoors...

Well, what else can you dream for?

Just imagine being the bride on this picturesque scene
Just imagine being the bride on this picturesque scene
Do-it-Yourself Starfish themed wedding invite
Do-it-Yourself Starfish themed wedding invite


Imperative matters you may have at hand: "Will this fit our budget?", "Is this the best setting to celebrate this grand occasion of my life?", "Is Beach wedding something out of the ordinary?", "Will our nuptial be private if we do it on the waterfronts?"

This is actually one of the most streamlined way of getting married nowadays. Very environment friendly, low-cost, and something out of a fairy tale movie. Of course, some, or I would say a lot would still prefer church wedding, but if you want to go for a reasonable wedding rates, making it as private as possible, then having it on the beach is just the answer to your never ending questions.

a beach-themed wedding cake
a beach-themed wedding cake


If you are already decided that BEACH WEDDING is the perfect theme for your grand event, then next you have to do is create a small wedding planner. You have to do away with all your gimmicks with friends at first to make this happen. You and your future better half should somehow sacrifice to have everything all straightened out before the day itself.

First on your list is the approximate budget that you can shell out for this affair. BE REALISTIC. Come up with pragmatic plans. Think about your life after the matrimony. Would you rather have a lavish marital affair but you'll end up paying endless credit card debts? Beach weddings can really be practical. You just have to brainstorm real hard. End result? A very sporadic yet wonderful nuptial.

So what's next? Think about The Place. That special place where you will exchange vows in front of love-ones and friends who will witness this once in a lidetime event. So if you have finally decided that The Beach is THE PLACE TO BE, start scouting with good beaches that has great deals. I bet there are plenty of beaches around the country ( Or whatever country you may be), who will be more than happy to accommodate you as you tie the knots with your better half.Check the internet, there are like thousands of beach websites in the world. Just type " Beach Wedding", or "Budget Beach Wedding", and you'll get like two thousand answers in a millisecond (That is, if you have a very fast internet connection). I even hope that in the future this hub will make it to the top 10 seaches in google or yahoo.(Who knows?) Beach wedding is really economical, you'll get

Say you have already picked that perfect place, then what is next on your list? Well, How about the Bride's and the Groom's attire? Again, you need not go to the trouble of putting sequins and laces all over the bridal dress. Setting is windy and it's better if the bridal gown is flowing, just perfect for the weather and the occasion. As for the groom, looking just handsome in a comfy tuxedo number will do. And AGAIN, even beach-themed outfit for a wedding is more reasonable than a church nuptial. You can go for a hawaiian outfit for your wedding gown. Going tropical is the best to go. Floral and of mulicolor getup looks fancy yet suitable for the scene.



Like what I have pointed out, you have to have a wedding planner that will include things that you need to buy, how much money will be allotted for this and that... the reservations, wedding rehearsals, gift registry, time off from work, from your family or from your future spouse to favors, the color you want as motiff on your wedding day, food reservations, weddintg invites, guest list, bridal car, centerpieces for the tables, your multi-layered wedding cake, flowers, balloons, and a million other things.

Well, it will really exhaust your energy. Just remember to match it with the place, your motiff, your wedding favors and what have you. Check local places , wedding planner sites, suggestions from friends and relatives, the match it all together..

And the result-an out of the ordinary yet very adoring wedding situated at the beach from a match made in heaven, meant to last for life.

And they lived happily, ever after... Ü
And they lived happily, ever after... Ü

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