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Billy Higgins - Drummer

Updated on February 24, 2015

Billy Higgins was one of the greatest jazz drummers!

To say that Billy Higgins played with everyone in jazz during the second half of the twentieth century is not really an exaggeration and when you listen to him play, you understand why.

He was one of Bluenote Records' house drummers and played on over 700 recordings!

He also played behind funk and rock groups.

Billy Higgins on Lee Morgan's "The Sidewinder"

If you haven't heard it, do yourself a favor!!

I gave a good friend a copy of Lee Morgan's fantastic breakthrough hit album "The Sidewinder" on CD a few years ago for Christmas. When I asked her what she thought about it later, she replied, "I loved the drums! That's mainly all I listened to." Need I say more?

Please, tell us all what you think about Billy Higgins...

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    • Dawoud-Williams profile image

      D Williams 7 years ago

      Billy Abdullah Higgins was a great man and a great Jazz musician. I had the honor of meeting him and wating on him when I worked at the famous 'Cafe Afrique' on Crenshaw Blvd in the ate 80's early 90's. His place was located in Leimart park at the time not too far from the restaurant. First Class individual. May Allah give him peace and refreshment in his grave.