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Eleven brilliant movie reveiws from a great writer

Updated on May 2, 2009

Pyscho Movie Short Review

This is the first Alfred Hitchcock movie I have seen till date and truly I feel like I have missed something. He truly is a genius and this movie proved that to me. I read a lot about him and I was desperate to find one of his movies and finally I got hold of Pyscho which was an outstanding film. Even though its a 1960 movie, I never felt like I was watching one . The story, acting, and direction was top notch and the way the suspense was built was brilliant. One of the scenes actually gave me an heart attack of sorts (the scene were the detective moves up the staircase). Also I loved the way he ended the movie (as I had not seen any of the remakes of this movie, I had no idea what was in store). The climax scene came as a shock to me. A must watch movie for all.

Eraserhead Movie Short Review

Not my kind of cinema at all, though I enjoyed David Lynch's Mulholland Drive which was weird too in a certain way but this one tops the list of weird, creepy, long, and boring films . Half the film I was waiting for it to get over not because it was bad but because I could not understand some parts of the film. I would only recommend this movie to hardcore David Lynch fans as they might enjoy and understand it more.

My rating is 5/10

Fargo Movie Short Review

A well made thriller from the Coen brothers whose only film I watched before this was a small budget Indian movie and I must say both the thrillers were simply marvelous. Fargo works not because its a hardcore thriller but due to the fact that the humour which the movie had throughout came out brilliantly along with Frances McDormand's character (she is simply brilliant and funny in her own unique way). Highly recommended.

Science Of Sleep Movie Short Review

It is more weirder than David Lynch's movie for sure. The entire film is like a new experience which gets weirder and weirder with each passing moment and loses its way right at the climax where it seems the writer could not dream of a better ending (the writer must be having some really weird dreams before he wrote down this script because the screenplay is so damn complicated that you cannot even describe them and that itself is the plus point of this movie). I loved Michel Gondry's previous work, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, which managed to make that weird screenplay real with a love story running parallel to it. Here again, he tries the same which works for an hour or so but loses track at the end. Must say, this movie is not for everyone. It's one of those movie which you will hate dearly or love it for the simple reason that it is different from the rest. A must watch for those waiting to experience something new.

Control Movie Short Review

Control for me is the British version of Walk The Line and I must say both are similar in a lot of ways. For instance, they are inspired by true stories and both have a central lead which gave dazzling performances. The only problem for me with Control is that everything that is served up has been seen countless number of times in other musical bio pics. I mean there is nothing new here. You could actually guess what is going to happen next. One of the reasons the film works is because of the performances from the entire cast. A one time watch for me.

Suspiria 1977 Movie Short Review

This is the first Dario Argento horror film I have seen after Elvis recommended to me and I thank him for that because it was brilliant. Right from the start, you could see Argento's love for loud colors and close-ups which went perfectly with the story to create that tempo. I also loved this film's background score which is one of the best for a horror movie that I have seen after the background score of Ramsay Brothers in their movies. Suspiria is recommended for viewers who love Ramsay Brothers kind of horror movies. Highly recommended.

Ôdishon Movie Short Review 1999 Audition

Please don't watch this movie if cannot handle gruesome torture scenes as this one will surely get you shocked and disturbed for days. It is not because of the volume of the torture sequence (this film has only one) but due to the pain caused to the characters for whom we care for, makes it even more painful to bear. Audition is one of those films which even though is engaging and involving throughout, I still find it difficult to recommend for everyone because of it's last half an hour or so. I had heard a lot about Takashi Mikke and I had also seen his Master of horror episode which he had directed even though, I found that extremely painful to go through, this one is far more audience friendly at the beginning. Recommended to selected fans of Asian Horror Movies.

Rushmore Movie Short Review 1998

Rushmore is about Max Ficher, a guy who keeps dropping in his high school (named Rushmore) and has made up his mind that he would always be part of it because not only he loves it but also feels that it is what he is supposed to do in his entire life. Yes, I know the plot has a perfect setting for the story to exploit this guy's innocence, but the film never tries to do that and in fact it tries to focus on how Max sees life and the kind of change he could bring about even if he is unsuccessful in it. The story never lets you feel sympathy for Max and plays beautifully with all other characters too. I also loved Bill Murray in this film even though he has not much to say but still he made me laugh with his physical humour. It is one of those films which not only manages to bring a smile down your face but also lets you look at life more positively. Highly recommended.

My rating is 8.6/10

Bikur Ha-Tizmoret aka The Bands Visit Movie Short Review

I have never seen a comedy film with so many pauses and that itself made me love this small but touching journey of a band from Egypt who gets lost in Israel. I know you must be feeling this might be another film which might exploit the cultural differences or the language barriers between the two but it never does. In fact the film surprises you with the kind of humour it serves its audience without getting to slapstick or physical. I loved the way the director approached the story and for that reason alone, I find it quite original and a must watch. Highly recommended.

My rating is 8.7/10.

Sling Blade Movie Short Review 2004

Written, directed, and acted by Billy Bob Thornton. This film actually is a brilliant character driven drama even if you know what is going to happen at the end. The film still manages to hold you throughout and has some really cute moments in it, but where this movie actually makes a mark is in its acting department lead by Billy Bob Thornton himself (outstandingly restrained) and the kid (Frank). The film's highlight definitely is their close friendship with each other. A highly recommended film if your are into family dramas.

My rating is 8.5/10.

The Darjeeling Limited Movie Short Review 2007

I am totally disappointed with this film as I was expecting much more from it. Actually it neither delivers as a comedy, nor as an emotional drama, but the screenplay at certain scenes are quite original, especially the one where one of the boy gets killed during an incident and the three brothers are invited to the funeral. Now this scene is mixed with the one where they show these brothers going for their father's funeral, which I felt, was pretty well thought off and it quite brilliantly captured the moment. Throughout the trip, these guys keep saying that it will be a spiritual trip and what you get is just one or two trips to the temple, some silly scenes in the train and irritating people. Overall it is quite an average movie and has nothing new to offer, except for some good locations. I must also add the Indian background score actually felt quite forced to just give it an Indian feel.

My rating for this movie is 6.7/10.


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    • soni2006 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rajinder Soni 

      9 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thank you Scott for taking your precious time reading these movie reviews. Sling blade is really a great movie. I have seen it three to four times and loved it a lot. Best of luck for watching this movie.

    • scottaye73 profile image


      9 years ago from Michigan, USA

      I've seen alot of movies...ALOT! But I've never seen Sling Blade with Billy Bob. I'm going to try to watch it now based on your 8.5 recommendation! I like this hub! ~ Scott


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