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Bob Druwing as Dominic Romano

Updated on July 15, 2013

Bob Druwing as Dominic Romano

This photo is of actor Bob Druwing at age 43, having undergone weeks of training with free weights, tanning and getting a tight black perm, in order to portray Dominic Romano at age 28 (and 63) in the ill fated film "Broken Dreams", which was scheduled to be filmed in Rangeley, Maine in early 1997.

It would have been Bob's first role as a SAG member, but the production lost its funding and the film was never shot.

The role of Dominic Romano was "made for" Bob Druwing

Both the physical challenges and plot content were right up his alley.

The role of Dominic Romano was the first role Bob was offered after he joined the Screen Actors Guild and he could hardly believe how perfect the role was for him.

Bob had always enjoyed the challenge of physically transforming himself into characters, but this was to be his first opportunity to play the same character at ages much older and much younger than his actual age of 43.

The story in the film involved the faking of the death of Marilyn Monroe, who was at the time pregnant with "President KELLY'S" baby, and her being whisked away to a permanent hide-away in Maine, where her child would grow up and attend school with Dominic Romano's son, Anthony.

Bob is a thirty-plus year JFK assassination researcher and was thrilled to death at the prospect of playing a reporter outside the L.A. funeral home where Marilyn was waked and, though the story was fiction, he felt his familiarity with the true-life story of the Monroe/Kennedy relationship gave him something special to bring to the project; and he was looking forward to some lively speculative on set conversation on the subject when the film was canceled.

Dominic Romano

Dominic Romano
Dominic Romano

Bob Druwing's resume reel

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