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A Bruce Lee Biography on Film

Updated on December 16, 2016

Bruce Lee Video Clips

There is a lot of BRUCE LEE video clips from his younger years in Hong Kong through till his death. Presented here is a cronological showing of some of these videos showing BRUCE LEE'S history as he progressed to stardom. He had already started acting when he was young boy in Hong Kong before he moved back to U.S.A., so he was already comfortable in front of the camera. He predicted early on (and put it on paper) that he would reach the success he achieved.

After you have looked through this site discover how Bruce Lee developed his unique strength and his philosophy at Bruce Lee Training.

Bruce Lee Childhood

BRUCE LEE appeared in his first movie at six years old and did about 20 films till he was about 18 years old. In these early films, you can see the facial expressions that are Bruce Lee's.

The sound is not very good but you at least see Bruce in his teens.

The Green Hornet

In 1966 Bruce tries for and gets the part as kato on "THE GREEN HORNET". He presented a problem for the film crew because he was so fast, they had to slow the film speed down to catch the action.

You can see how fast he is while doing his screen test.

Marlow and Longstreet

From 1967 to 1971 BRUCE LEE played parts in different TV shows and movies. MARLOW, LONGSTREET, HERE COMES THE BRIDES, IRONSIDES and BLONDIE.

The show was set in 1870 at a logging camp in Seattle.

Show starred Raymond Burr who's character was paralized by a murder attempt and is in a wheel chair.

Longstreet is an insurance investigator that was blinded by an explosion. The show played from 1971 to 1972. Bruce Lee had a reoccuring role on the show.

Back to Hong Kong

In 1971, unhappy with his supporting roles on American T.V. and being passed over for the lead roll on "KUNG FU", Bruce moved back to Hong Kong. He was hired by director Raymond Chow to star in his production company films. The first movie was "THE BIG BOSS" which was a huge hit in asia and made Bruce Lee a star. This was followed by "FIST OF FURY" and "WAY OF THE DRAGON". In "Way of the Dragon" Bruce was writer, star, director and fight choreographer.

Also known as "The Fists of Fury", Bruce goes to Thailand to work. He promised his mother he would stay out of fights. There are some strange going on's at the ice factory and bruce finds out the Big Boss and gang are responsible. There are some good fights and Bruce and friends take care of business.

Jackie Chan had an appearance against Bruce in this film.

Also known as the "Chinese Connection", Bruce's character returns home for his teachers funeral. He and his school have run in with the japanese martial arts school. They later find that the japanese had killed the teacher so revenge is taken by Bruce. Great fights.

Chuck Norris had the final fight with Lee

Also called the "Return of the Dragon". Bruce travels to Italy to work at a restaurant owned by his cousins.They are having trouble with the local Mob. Bruce takes them on in some good fights ending with the fight with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.

The Dragon

In 1973 he played the lead roll in "ENTER THE DRAGON" which brought Bruce Lee to the U.S. theaters and more fame. Bruce Lee died a few months after completing the film and a few weeks before it's release. It became one of the top money makers that year.

This was bruce's first Hollywood film. He plays a Monk who goes undercover for the FBI to investigate a drug cartel. Another famous fight at the end with Bruce and the bad guy Shih Kein.

Game of Death

Bruce Lee had already started some filming for "GAME OF DEATH" but stopped so they could work on "ENTER THE DRAGON". The director Robert Clouse went on to complete the movie with stunt doubles, a look alike and older film footage. The final fight was with KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR. The film was released in 1978. Some unused footage was found 22 years later and used in the documentary "Bruce Lee:a warrior's journey".

This fight is with Dan Inosanto, one Bruce's long time students and friends. Bruce died after filming ony a few scenes. The film was finished by using doubles and called Bruce Lee's last movie. The final fight's take place in a tower with each level providing a new fight confrontation that was progressively harder.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The greatest fighting technics ever ferform by the ferfectionist bruce lee the greatest fighter

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Yes Bruce Lee is the ultimate. Good to see some of these older videos of him, There were a couple I have never seen before. Thanks.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      burce lee is always my one & only ultimate man..i love him verymuch.. iam a great fan of him..i think no one can birth again like a great man bruce one can fights like bruce lee.. no more words to say burce lee..i love him very much..really iam very proud to see him..amazing!!!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Bruce Lee will always be the best!


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