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Where to get cheap movies online

Updated on March 14, 2014

What's this all about?

I've made this HubPage to bring the world of cheap movies to as many people as I can!

So what is a cheap movie then?
Well, if we base this on iTunes movies, they start at $9.99 each. Why pay so much when you can get them for just $1.00 each online? All you gotta do is search a bit for the right sites offering the right service and you're good to go!

Where can I get movies for $1.00?
There are loads of sites on the web offering 'cheap legal movie downloads', but what ones are good, legal and safe and what ones should you avoid all together? That's the whole point of this hub, to bring you the best ones.

I've reviewed each one, including their price per movie, top up price, quality, formats offered, customer service and site usability. As well as anything else I felt like picking on of course!


First up, is MovieBerry, the the brightest and most vibrant of the three sites.

Price per Movie: $1.30
Top Up Amount: $29.95
Number of Movies: 7,700

The site charges per movie, but you do not give them your card details for every movie you want to buy, instead, you top up an amount to your account (a minimum applies) and you download from this. Simply top up more credit when you need/want to.

The site has loads of movies to offer, with a very easy-to-use homepage; you can get to what you want easily. They list over 7,700 movies so you're not stuck for choice. They offer loads of formats and downloading from these guys is really easy.

The minimum top up is $29.95, but add a bit more and you can get some nice deals:

  • Top up $49.95 and get $5 free
  • Top up $99.95 and get $15 free
  • Top up $119.95 and get three months of unlimited downloads


Second on the list, Moviery. Colorful, bright and jam-packed with movies.

Price per Movie:
Top Up Amount:
Number of Movies: 5,243

This site might not be the biggest, but it is the cheapest per movie, has the lowest top up amount and offers some very good deals if you top up more than the minimum:

  • Top up $29.99 and get $15 free
  • Top up $49.99 and get $35 free
  • Top up $99 and get $100 free


Lastly, is Mediasack, the freshest looking of the all the sites.

Monthly Fee: $19.99
Number of Movies: 12,666

This site is different from the other two, it offers music as well! So if you love movies and music, this might be the one for you. It also has the highest number of movies, so you're bound to find something you want.

Movies cost just 99¢ each and the minimum reload amount is $19.99. However, as with the others, top up a bit more and you can bag yourself some free credit:

  • Top up $29.99 and get $10.01 for free
  • Top up $49.99 and get $25.01 for free
  • Top up $99.99 and get $99.01 for free

The Best Movie Site

Which movie site do you think is the best of the bunch?

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