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5. Cancel Christmas (TV) 2010 CANADA colour PG

Updated on July 12, 2014

Festive Family drama


From this festive sentimental movie drama made for TV-comes an emotional heart warming enchanted tale that will send your hearts racing, make you laugh and make you cry. There are less than 24 days till Christmas and Santa's boss Constance (Jean Yoon) is not happy with the way Santa works, and wants him to change his ways or Christmas will be canceled forever.

Santa Claus/Kris Frost (Judd Nelson) felt horrified by this but rose to the challenge and excepted it, that he was going to change the way he works, and to help 3 separate individual young boys who all suffer from some form of emotional problems that have effected their lives.

Santa Claus/Kris Frost and his companion Randal/ Mr Elf man (Justin Landry) set off straight away they needed to make plans and fast if they were going to save Christmas. The first step was to do some research about their 3 young boys Farley Morgan (Sante Scaletta), Steve Rojack (Connor Price) and Adam Claymore (John Fleming) step two & three was to get a job within the private school where the boys attended and a place to stay.

Just another typical day at high school a practical prank was going to be played upon a teacher but the janitor (Frank Mcanulty) received it instead. Miss Claymore (Natalie Brown) was so upset that she sent the culprits to the principal office, principal Barnes (Deborah Grover) let the pupils off with a warning.

Kris Frost and Mr Elf man became the new janitors and rented out the old janitors room at miss Claymore's place. Kris Frost and Mr Elf man became good friends with miss Claymore- Miss Claymore opened up to Kris Frost & Mr Elf man about her husbands death how her life was spared and how it left her son in a wheel chair.

Kris Frost and Mr Elf man began their janitor duties and decorated the school, they also got to know their targets Farley Morgan & Steve Rojack and vice-versa, both Farley Morgan and Steve Rojack disliked Kris Frost and Mr Elf man and decided to do some research of their own.

Kris Frost and Mr Elf man found out from their research that Farley Morgan was being raised by Wiilliam (Robert Latimer) a guardian or butler,Farley had lost his mother over a year ago, his father Charles Morgan (David Keeley ) was never home, for he was forever travelling and pumping money into local communities. Farley has one best friend called Steve and he had a dog called kip, which belonged to his mother before him, his favourite subject is science, he also enjoys playing practical pranks and being mean towards others. Steve was just a follower and does everything that his mate asked of him.

Outside school hours Kris Frost and Mr Elf man worked in a shopping mall to find out what children wanted for Christmas, instead Kris Frost asked the children what they could do for their mothers and fathers for Christmas. Kris Frost was encouraging and teaching the true spirit of Christmas meaning to be grateful for what you have and what you can do for someone rather then receive; you can love, help, and give. Giving is not about how expensive the gift is, or that the gift was manufactured but a making or doing from you is the best gift of all.

Kris Frost became a huge success not only for the children but to all the adults around, so because of this all the other malls had to practice the same method the press and media even got involved who is this mysterious Santa? One night Farley and Steve were going to pull off a prank at school but were caught out by Kris Frost and Mr Elf man after having a heated discusion an agreement was made that Farley and Steve had to help Kris Frost and Mr Elf man out with a small project. The small project was to help build a ramp for Adam Claymore so that he could feel a bit more independent and confident, in getting himself around without help.
After Helping out with the small project Steve found out that it was nice to do stuff for other people, and he wanted to take the project further, and made plans with Kris Frost and Mr Elf man and got other pupils from the school involved. Steve wanted his friend Farley to join in as well but Farley refused. Time was running out for Santa and Randal, was Farley ever going to do something nice without being mean or was Christmas going to be canceled forever.

Cancel Christmas is a delightful weepy entertainment family film that's suitable for all the family and for people who enjoy having soppy and emotional moments. This heartwarming festive drama contains emotional & sentimental scenes, scenes that will make you laugh and cry, learning how to cooperate with one another and working through issues of love, courage, heartaches, & disappointments. The moral behind a true Christmas is to be a giver not a receiver to be there for one another and helping one another against all odds.

Directed by: John Bradshaw Writer: David Alexander

Brown Natalie Jeannie Claymore Cross Sydney child visiting Santa (uncredited) Edelstein Lexa Heather Fleming John Adam Claymore Gingrich David Eric Simms Grover Deborah principal Barnes Keeley David Charles Morgan Landry Justin Randal/Mr Elfman Latimer Robert William Mcanulty Frank janitor Nelson Judd santa claus/Kris Frost Price Connor Steve Rojack Scaletta Sante Farley Morgan Spencer- Nairn Tara Michelle Morgan Yoon Jean Constance



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