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Castle On DVD

Updated on October 20, 2014

Castle TV Show From The Beginning

My mother's new favorite TV show is ABC's Castle. She has always been a fan of murder mystery/ crime solving series. I remember growing up we would watch reruns of Perry Mason, The Rockford Files, and Columbo. So I was a little surprised when I asked her before the sixth season premiere what she thought Becketts answer was going to be to Castles proposal and she asked me "Who?". This was when I realized she hadn't been watching the series. I told her that she should start watching as it is one of the best series on TV right now.

She started watching the series starting with the season six premiere episode and now she is hooked. Which is perfect for me because now I know what I can get her for Christmas. She has missed the first five seasons of Castle so I will start by buying her the Castle: The Complete First Season on DVD. Now I just have to decide to buy them for her one or two seasons at a time. If I give her one season at a time, it will be easier for longer to get her a gift I know she will love. However if I only buy her one season then I will also have to buy her something else to go with it.

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Episodes of Castle

It has a murder mystery to try and solve every week but it also has ongoing story lines. There was Beckett investigating the unsolved murder of her mother, that ended up opening a huge conspiracy. There is also the 3XK serial killer investigation where he got away. He later came back and tried to frame Castle for murder. The last we saw the 3XK serial killer he was shot and fell off a bridge, but they never found the body, so he could still return at some point.

Part of what really makes this show work is the relationships between all of the characters. There is of course Castle & Beckett, but there is also Esposito & Lanie, Esposito & Ryan, Castle with his family, and his families relationship with the people on the force. There seems to be genuine camaraderie amongst the cast which makes their characters believable. While it is a crime solving series it is also has a sense of humor that really shines with brilliant writing.

Castle: Season 2
Castle: Season 2

The series shows its knack for believably involving other levels of law enforcement with its Tick, Tick, Tick... episode where they work with the FBI to try to catch a serial killer. Castle and Beckett are drawn closer when the serial killer sets his sights on Beckett.


Richard Castle - Nathan Fillion

Nathan Filllion
Nathan Filllion | Source

Richard Castle is a popular murder mystery novelist who when we first meet him is suffering from writers block. The cops bring him in for questioning when the murders that they are investigating are very similar to the ones he wrote about in his books. He proceeds to help them with their case and they help him with his writers block when he finds a muse in Det. Kate Beckett.

While Castle is smart and can help figure out cases he will also throw out some theories that are not very realistic, but sometimes they are very funny. He believes in at least the possibilities of the existence of things like time travel and big foot even naming a time traveler and big foot as murder suspects on different cases (no they were not the killers).

It is his sometimes wild theories and not doing what he is told that gets Beckett annoyed. However she also sees and respects his intelligence that has helped them to solve the cases. Sometimes the wild theories takes them in the right direction that leads to evidence to the actual killer. She also enjoys his humor, zest for life, and can see that he truly cares about his family and her.

Castle: Season 3
Castle: Season 3

This is the season that introduced us to the 3XK serial killer. This is also when Beckett is contacted about information on her mothers murder.


Kate Beckett - Stana Katic

Photo By: IMG_1171 by TheNerdyGirls, on Flickr

Det. Kate Beckett is a homicide detective in New York City. She is incredibly smart and very good at her job. She has an honorable drive to find the actual killer in her cases, she will not just take the easy arrest and conviction. She shows a true sense of compassion for the people around her, sometimes including a murderer who did it for the right reasons, that she had to arrest anyway.

Beckett is a big part in why I love the show. You have a woman working in a predominantly male job. Yet she is shown to be one of the best at her job, intelligent, but she does not have to sacrifice her femininity while doing it. She is still able to attract good looking and honorable men. This is a wonderful example to have out there for young women these days, since other places seem to send the message that get a man you need to act dumb and just look pretty. Other shows that have had women working in male dominated fields seem to show them struggling at the job or they have them come across as less feminine.

Castle: Season 4
Castle: Season 4

Beckett is recovering from being shot and the PTSD that it caused. There is also now a new captain for everyone at the precinct.


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Castle: Season 5
Castle: Season 5

The season where Castle and Beckett are finally together. How will that affect their work and everyone around them?


Det. Kevin Ryan & Det. Javier Esposito - Seamus Dever & Jon Huertas

Photo: DSC_1150 by Genevieve719, on Flickr

Detectives Ryan & Esposito are partners at the precinct, who work with Beckett (and now Castle) in the homicide division. These two are great for giving Castle a hard time, in a humorous way like you do with your family. We have also been given some insight into their lives. We know Esposito is an ex-military, who had a relationship with the Lanie (the main coroner on the show), and we saw his compassion when he cared for a kid involved in one of the cases. As for Ryan we have had his wedding, his wife is now pregnant, and we know he worked undercover in a mob family for awhile that he had to go back and infiltrate again.

Castle: Season 6
Castle: Season 6

Watch to find out what happens after the proposal. Can their relationship survive when Beckett starts her new job? Plus we found out 3XK may not be dead after all.


Alexis Castle - Molly Quinn

Photo: DSC_1093 by Genevieve719, on Flickr

Alexis Castle is Castles daughter. She provides the opportunity to show that while Castle can be immature, he is very caring and responsible when it comes to taking care of his daughter. He is the one who took on the role of being a single parent and you can tell that he has done a good job by how well his daughter behaves. Alexis is another great role model for the young women / teenagers watching the show. She is the type of well rounded kid most parents would hope for and she is kind, intelligent, and ambitious.

Season 7 Castle Episodes

If you miss seeing or recording one of the current episodes of Castle you can see it right now. They have all of the current episodes available in HD on Amazon Instant video.

Castle Season 7
Castle Season 7

This is the first episode, but all of the other episodes that have aired are listed below it. So if you have missed an episode you can see it right now. You no longer have to wait for reruns or for it to come out on DVD.


Why Do You Love Castle (Either The Series or The Character)?

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    • sierradawn lm profile image

      sierradawn lm 4 years ago

      I have just barely begun watching this series and became immediately hooked. I love the Castle character because he is so mesmerizing to watch. I have run out of squidlikes for the day so will be back to see you again when I get my new allotment. I enjoyed your engaging lens!