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Luke Evans

Updated on November 18, 2017
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially on movies, and actors she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Getting to know

Born in PontyPool Wales on April 15, 1979 as Luke George Evans the only child of David & Yvonne a bricklayer and cleaner grew up in South Wales. Luke played Rugby as a boy and started studying stage at the age of 16. With a seventeen year old Luke the family moved to the capital of Cardiff.

He's best known for his Roles in Fast & Furious 6, Dracula Untold & No One Lives as well as 'The Bard' in the Hobbit trilogy

Luke chats with Jack Whitehall over a Whisky

2016 Signs with IMG Models

Some News & interviews

'Beauty and the Beast' Star Luke Evans on Gaston's New Backstory and Making People Laugh (Q&A)

Bulgari's Man of the Moment

Elle interview | Hot Guy Cold drink

Interview Magazine- October

Collider | Luke Evans on Girl on the Train, Beauty and the Beast, and Dracula’s Future

Mr Luke Evans | The Look | The Journal | Issue 289 | 05 October 2016 | MR PORTER

Rent High Rise


the Rated R drama Stars Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Luke Elizabeth Moss & James Purfoy

Luke plays Wilder in this out f control tower block that even has its own Grocery store!

I'm still waiting to see the movie


The 3 Musketeers


The Three Musketeers Trailer

No one Lives

No One Lives Trailer


*= one of my Top 5 favorites


Clash of the Titans as Apollo

Robin Hood Sheriff's Thug

Tamara Drewe Andy Cobb


Blitz plays Stokes

The Three Musketeers as Aramis

Flutter as Adiran

Immortals as Zeus


*The Raven as Detective Fields

*No One Lives well I've seen the character listed as 'driver' but the character really has no name

AShes as JB

My Mother's Son (short)


*Fast & Furious 6 as Owen Shaw

*The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug as Bard the Bowman

The Great Train Robbery (mini series) as Bruce Reynolds


*Dracula Untold as Vlad Tepes aka Dracula

The Hobbit Battle of Five Armies again as Bard


Furious seven Own Shaw

HIgh Rise Richard Wilder

Fast & Furious Supercharged (short)


Messege from the King as wentworth

Three Seconds

SAS Red Notice Tom Buckingham

Free Fire


Beauty and the Beast as baddie Gaston

I've seen him as the villain in 2 movies, and I think he just kills it as such. Do I want him to be typecast for it? No of course not, not that they won't be a great performance, but then it would dilute his acting and My (if not our) love for him as one.

You can keep track of Luke's Filmography here

Son of the Dragon Armor

Dracula Untold

Dracula Untold

The movie was originally titled Dracula Year Zero and had Sam Worthington attached to star.

In this version of Dracula, Luke plays the loving husband and father Vlad Tepes. Unlike what we know of Dracula as a blood thirsty vampire and that Vlad the Impaler supposedly drank the blood of his enemies, he is a beloved figure in his Romania.

When the Turkish Sultan's men come to pick up tribute (on Easter no less) they request 1000 boys plus Vlad's son as well to be brought up as Vlad did by the sultan's side. When it comes time his brave son is supposed to go, Vlad tells him to run and takes out the Sultan's men.

With a legend of a Vampire 'living' in Broken Tooth mountain, Vlad hightails it there and climbs in hopes the Vampire can turn him and give him the powers to beat the Turkish army. He must do so within three days, when his powers run out as long as he doesn't drink human blood.

When I originally saw the movie, I thought I was going to be let down by how Dracula was portrayed, but I surprisingly was not. I was quite happy with the movie and Luke Evans' portrayal and the "son of the Dragon' armor he wore.... I wish I could own it! I LOVED the armor they came up with.

I also liked the legend of the vampire in the movie as well. You can read my full review here

Luke Evans with a certain Classic film 'Star' more from Luke Evans »

showing his fangs with friend Henry Cavill

immortals Premier by Chris Pizzello
immortals Premier by Chris Pizzello | Source

Evan Facts

He like's dogs

Luke Loves to cook

Has said he hates doing cardio and on says running on a tredmill he sees why hamsters are so crazy.

You are not likely to see him in sandals, and says they should be purged.

Is a great singer

Good friends with Tom Hiddleston and I think Benedict Cumberbatch

He's plays 2 Greek gods! Zeus in immortals (starring Henry Cavil) and as Appolo in Clash of the Titans (starring Sam Worthington)

says his go to Kareoke song is Robert Flack's the first time I saw your face

he used to smoke until he went for hypnotherapy and hasn't thought of having a cigarette since.

Speed Round

Long or Short hair- Short (I'm thinking this means for himself)

Perfume or none- Definately Perfume

Lingerie or Naked - Lingerie

twitter or Instagram - Twitter

Favorite show on your DVR- Family Guy

Dream City- London

Sleep attire- Nothing

The Hobbit

The Hobbit trilogy

Plays Bard the Bowman who once failed to kill Smaug the dragon but left a vulnerable spot where a scale is missing. He has a son and a daughter (or was it 2). He should be the leader of his fellow men but instead there's in incompetent asinine idiot and his minion instead.

and Luke has described him as "a bit of a rouge; a robin hood type"

Official Desolation of Smaug interview

Near Poe's Memorial

The Raven

a serial killer is on the loose comitting murders in the form of Edgar Allen Poe's work. The young Baltimore Detective, Fields played by Luke tries to prevent the stories from becoming reality

The obligatory yummy shirtless surprise finish


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    • Zodiacimmortal profile image

      Kim 5 months ago from Yonkers, NY

      Hi Bev... Thanks but Some of what I wrote where he was from was a quote from a magazine.

      I do fact check but being as I am always interrupted by family when I am writing, don't always remember where I left off or what I was checking on.

      Pontypool is in S. Wales!??!?! thought it was just a movie

      Thank you for the heads up. One I am able to get to updating the page I will do the corrections

    • theraggededge profile image

      Bev G 5 months ago from Wales, UK

      Sorry, I have to put you right on a couple of things. It's Pontypool, and South Wales... and Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, it certainly isn't a village or a mining town. Always a good idea to fact-check :)